Get Pop-Cultured with Barnes and Noble


It’s Pop Culture Month at Barnes and Noble. July 1st – July 31st, you can get Pop-Cultured with different themed days:

  • July 3-5 — Time Travel Weekend
  • July 13th – 14th – Harper Lee Celebration
  • July 17th — Minions Fun
  • July 18th — Star Wars Saturday
  • July 19th — Manga Mania
  • July 28 & 31 — Dr. Seuss Spectacular
  • July 25th — Vinyl Day
  • July 8th – 12th — DC Comics Days
  • July 9th – 12th — Comic Convention Collectibles
  • Throwback Thursdays starting July 2nd
  • July 24th — Fangirl Friday

Friday, I attended the special Time Travel Weekend day that celebrated Doctor Who.

BN5I wasn’t sure what to expect, exactly, since it was my first Pop-Cultured event with Barnes and Nobel. When I entered the store, I was greeted by a TARDIS cardboard cutout and a table explaining a Doctor Who prize pack giveaway, along with some merchandise the store sells. I signed up for the giveaway, then noted the enthusiastic conversation about Doctor Who going on

BN4 - CopyI continued onward into the store, partially distracted because I always get off track in Barnes and Noble…


…but eventually I made my way over to the trivia tables:

BN2 - Copy BN3 - CopyThere were three tables set up: Doctors 1-4, 5-9, and then a table for the new Doctor Who series from Eccleston to Capaldi. At each table, you had a sheet of trivia questions to answer for each set of Doctors. I only made it to the New Doctors and 5-9, but successfully completed both and got stickers for my sheet.

BN7They were also giving out these little posters at the trivia tables:


Overall, I had fun, and definitely want to go to more of these Pop-Cultured events. But most exciting of all, I got a phone call Saturday from Barnes and Noble. I WON A PRIZE PACK IN THE DOCTOR WHO GIVEAWAY!

BN8Included in my prize pack:

  • “Trust Me I’m the Doctor” bag
  • TARDIS mug
  • Mini light up TARDIS
  • Mini Cyberman bust
  • Doctor Who Series Nine mini promo poster

So, definitely check out the other events going on this month. You can read more and find out about some extra store specific events at the Barnes and Noble site.


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