BTS: Freddy vs Jason (HHN 25)


My faaaaaavorite house, and the one I was the absolute most excited to see, was the Freddy vs Jason house. I love the movie. I love Freddy Krueger. I love Jason Voorhees. It makes sense that this was my big draw. And I was a very happy little horror enthusiast when I found out Universal was letting me go behind the scenes in a few houses – including my beloved Freddy vs Jason.


We start this journey as we logically should: Camp Crystal Lake. In the movie, this is where you start. Freddy has been forgotten, and he needs to be remembered to be able to come back. So, he comes up with a plan – send Jason to Elm Street, and people will begin to remember the old killings, and give Freddy the chance to invade nightmares once again.


I do not recommend taking an arrow to the face. Neither does this poor guy.

So the first part of the house is an eerie walk into Camp Crystal Lake, where Jason is at home and terrorizing the teenagers that just want to party and fornicate and have a good time without a machete in the back messing everything up. You’re surrounded by corpses and very,very tall and aggressive Jason scare-actors. Like, we’re talking 6’8″ dudes in hockey masks. Very intimidating.

FVJ1 edit2

Jason’s nice shrine to mommy dearest.

There’s various subtle nods to the other Friday the 13th films here and there if you had time to pay attention. For example, when you’re walking through the bunk beds, there’s a sleeping bag. This was originally supposed to have a person being killed by Jason in it, as had happened in films prior, but due to space constraints it was scrapped, but the art and design team left the sleeping bag in hopes that some people would catch the reference. Unfortunately for you all, I’m an idiot that was too busy playing to remember to take a picture of the sleeping bag. (DOH!)


By now, Jason is killing, and Freddy is gaining power. This takes us back to Elm Street, and we specifically get to enter a certain house – 1428 Elm Street. Yes, I was freaking out with excitement. And yes, I felt like I really was outside. And yes, I wanted to sit down on the ground and stay forever. But the show must go on.


The art and design team gave us some famous Freddy kills to flashback to on our journey into the house.


Welcome to Prime Time, bitch.


Gotta love the giant, terrifying Freddy snake thing gobbling people up.


Now things are starting to get interesting. We’re entering into Freddy’s dream world, and where does Freddy like to hang? The boiler room, of course! This was an incredibly interesting to maneuver mirror maze. And by interesting, I mean difficult. And terrifying, when you can’t tell which way to go or what killer is where. Props to you, Universal, and your Halloween Horror Nights team, for making it feel so big is such a small space!


Now, we’re entering into Jason’s nightmares. The team puts you in this crazy underwater setting, complete with water effect and creepy, drowned Jason. Plus the added bonus of the dangling pink bra, reminding us that the teens are never doing what they’re supposed to be. And there’s an otter, that I didn’t get a very good picture of, and that disappoints me. Because he was pretty great.


You also get to check out Jason’s shrine again, except this time Pam is floating underwater. And she wants a hug.


Now, the battle has begun, and you’re stuck in the middle of it. The scare-actors were aggressive already, but now Jason and Freddy are two hungry dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. One of the scenes in the battle, you see this massive Jason being stabbed violently through his abdomen by Freddy. Granted, when you’re going through the house, you don’t see that giant hole as pictured above. But you can’t expect the actor playing Freddy to be able to stab his claws through the Jason dummy without a hole there.


Just like you can’t really stab through a man in the houses, you also can’t stab and then throw another actor. So, they also have this Freddy rigged up for his Jason actor to toss him around a bit.

So, who really wins? Now this is one of the really cool things about the house – depending on which group of actors you have, you get a different ending. So Freddy wins, and Jason wins. Unfortunately, no one else wins, no matter which killer makes it out on top.

What do you think? Go through the house yourself? Any questions? Drop me a comment below!


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