BTS: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem (HHN 25)


*WARNING* If you do not like or cannot handle scary clowns, fake violence/bodies, or any other intense images – this post may not be for you.

Jack is back, and this year he’s presenting a sampling of the houses of Horror Nights past. I will try to note all of the references to previous houses/scarezones as I can, and hopefully I get them all correct. Ha!

While I don’t have pictures of absolutely everything, I will try to touch on some of the most important features of the house, as well as my favorites.


The Freddy vs Jason house was my absolute favorite, but this was definitely a close second.

25years6 25years7 25years8

Since I haven’t been going to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights as long as most have, I am still constantly learning about the previous years. I’ve fallen in love with the lore and stories behind the different years. In particular, the stories of the icons have fascinated me. Above, we have some of the banners that surround you as you prepare to enter the house. Here you see The Caretaker, Cindy, and the Usher – a fan favorite.


Scary Tales (appeared in 2001, 2002, 2008)

This house goes through a series of different nods to the last 25 years, with different rooms paying homage to different years, houses/mazes, scarezones, themes, etc. At around 16 rooms, this house is HUGE, and double the size of most haunts.

The Forsaken (2011)

The Forsaken (2011)

The Forsaken (2011)

The Forsaken (2011)

This was one of my favorite rooms, because the floor inside this “ship” was slanted, and you walked a bit uncomfortably, which takes an element of comfort from you as you make your way in the haunt and intensifies the experience. Also, it’s a good sobriety test for people who have had a few too many drinks.

The Storyteller, Elsa Strict

The Storyteller, Elsa Strict

In another favorite room of mine, the funeral parlor, we note a few mentions of other icons. Obviously, the funeral parlor and the icon, The Caretaker, is sort of obvious. But on the wall, it appears we’re at a particular icons funeral. Elsa Strict, the Storyteller – another fan favorite.

Cindy Caine

Cindy Caine

And as we exit, there’s another icon, and a very logical one – a sarcophagus with the image of Cindy Caine, which she bursts from in time to terrify unsuspecting guests. Cindy Caine is the daughter of Albert Caine, the Caretaker.


Whovians will recognize this  horrifying face. As you exit the room of Dracula’s brides, you walk through an old castle corridor… Remember, don’t blink. Blink, and you’re dead.


Ah, what’s this? A mad scientists laboratory? Could that be… is it… Frankenstein’s Monster?

Yes! Obviously, Universal had to pay tribute to their Classic Monsters – Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman… All make for a very, very happy Angel in this house.

Nightingales: Blood Prey (2011)

Nightingales: Blood Prey (2011)

I feel incredibly stupid that I realized AFTER THE FACT, that this really cool picture of a nightingale.. has freaking barbed wire in front of her face. *face palm* Whatever, I’m using it still. She was legitimately creepy.

25years3 edit

Oh and there’s nothing horrifying about walking into a room full of JACK.


The house has been building to this moment. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you’re entering Jack’s Carnival. He’s running this show, and you can tell the entire time you’re walking through – subtle images or references or appearances, all building to the moment you enter his tent. He is represented in his classic form, as well as the Ringmaster Jack.


Also, this is Sassy Jack, and he is probably my favorite part of the whole house.


As you walk out, you assume you’re done with scare actors, and let your guard down to look at the large piles of random stuff everywhere.

Then Eddie Schmidt, Jack’s brother and a chainsaw wielding maniac, appears. And, uh, chases you with a chainsaw.


So, there you have it! Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem! Hopefully, you can see what I loved about this house, and why it was such a perfect house for the big 25 year celebration of Halloween Horror Nights!

If you have any questions about the house or the event, drop me a comment! This will probably be my last HHN/Halloween related post for several months, until some announcements are made for next year, etc. Hope you enjoyed it!


25years4 edit

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