Marvel Universe Live

Sunday was a fun-filled day of adventuring to St Louis for a few reasons. The first reason I’m covering is for the show Marvel Universe Live!

Here’s the trailer:

Marvel Universe Live is essentially a family friendly stunt show with a story line that involves more than 25 Marvel heroes and villains. I’ve been waiting for this tour to come through St Louis for well over a year now. I heard of it some time after the unfortunate end to Batman Live! (these two shows are not, from what I understand, connected to each other in any way in terms of companies), and decided since I loved Batman Live! so much, I’d definitely check this one out. It’s a similar premise – a super hero stunt show – and it was coming somewhere within a reasonable driving distance. I bought tickets a few weeks ago for myself, my nieces, and my mom and brother.


Best things about Marvel Universe Live:

  • Our seats were reasonably priced, and obviously a little higher up in the stands, but we still had a great view.
  • It was definitely cool seeing some characters that aren’t used all that much (if at all) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the heroes and villains that are currently very popular. I was particularly excited for my nieces to see Captain Marvel, Madame Hydra, and Black Cat.
  • Some of the stunts had me a little on edge, in a good way. Specifically the motorcycle stuff.
  • The guy physically acting in the Spiderman was probably my favorite. His movements were perfect for Spidey!
  • It was a nerdy good time over all. My nieces liked it, I liked it, my almost 60 years old mother liked it.
  • I got a sweet Mjolnir hammer that makes the child in me very happy.


 Overall, I’d recommend it, especially if you have little ones that dig Marvel characters. If you saw Batman Live!, it’s a very similar style show, except I’d say Batman Live was better (however, I’m very biased, because I may have loved Batman Live! more simply because BATMAN.)

Check out the Marvel Universe Live website for more information and to see if the tour is coming to a town near you! And come back next week to see what I did AFTER Marvel Universe Live!


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