Exhibit: Alien Worlds and Androids


From June 6th until September, the St. Louis Science Center held an exhibit called “Alien Worlds and Androids” – all about science fiction and science facts. I was pretty excited to go, because come on.. This is a nerdy dream exhibit!


Basically, this is a really cool way of taking the pop culture SciFi aspect, and showing you the real-life science we have. For example: We have Star Trek to thank for our cellphones today.

20150627_104351Besides the fact that the replica androids and aliens were really, REALLY cool, one of my favorite aspects of this exhibit is that it is geared to a variety of ages.


There are projects and interactive displays that give the kids something educational but cool to learn with, and of course, adults can read about how some of their favorite movies have real life science, or how we’re striving to reach those goals.

Overall, this was great for people of all ages. I love exhibits at the science center, especially those that really weave pop culture and education.


I hope to have several more posts from the St Louis Science Center this year!



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