Batman V Superman at Barnes and Noble


The weekend before the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Barnes and Noble held a special event in stores. Obviously, as a hardcore Batman nerd, I felt I needed to attend. Cool free stuff? Trivia? Batman? I AM DOWN.

It was a pretty fun experience, though I wish there would have been a bigger turn out. The kids section had Batman and Superman coloring sheets and little areas set up so they could color comic panels and glue them together to make their own comics. I kicked butt in the trivia, and got some pretty great freebies for my Batman collection:


Plus, there was a drawing for three lithographs from DC for the upcoming movie, and guess who won? Yup! It was me haha.


Mmmmm, that armored Batman lithograph.

Anyway, it was a great time, and the movie was fantastic (despite what the critics say.) Definitely keep an eye out for the events at your local Barnes and Noble, you never know when they’ll have a cool, nerdy event that may be perfect for you!



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