First Two House Announcements for HHN26!


The first two houses for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida have been announced, and I am SO EXCITED that I can barely stand it!

First up, obviously, is Texas Chainsaw Massacre:


And then newly announced today, The Exorcist:


I’m equally excited for both houses so far. Visually, and just in movie geekery in terms of being on something that feels set-like, I think the house for Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be the coolest. However, I think in terms of freak-out factor, The Exorcist logically would come out in the lead between these two.

Either way, I can’t wait to see what other announcements for HHN 26 there are still to come. The last several years have had a Walking Dead house, so I feel like that may be happening again.

Anyone else going? Got any theories for more houses? Are you excited for either of these announcements? Drop me a comment below!

You can check out more info on the Halloween Horror Nights website!



One thought on “First Two House Announcements for HHN26!

  1. Hi,
    I to am super excited! Ive been seeing they are bringing chance back from last year but other than that…I am not sure but i know one thing for sure WE WILL BE THERE TOO FIND OUT!

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