Captain America Diner – Universal Orlando


One of my favorite quick service restaurants to eat at when I go to Universal Studios, Orlando is the Captain America Diner. Top reasons:

I love reasonably priced food at theme parks: And even better, I love reasonably priced food at theme parks that tastes pretty delicious. And isn’t ever painfully packed to the point I have to fight for a table. Seriously, this is one of my gems when it comes to Universal Studios. Located in Marvel’s Superhero Island in Islands of Adventure, this little restaurant is tucked away nicely. Not difficult to find, but less obvious than the very busy Cafe 4 (Fantastic Four themed, if you couldn’t guess.) I’ve only been in Cafe 4 once to eat, and it wan’t as great to me, and definitely way busier.

The atmosphere in the Captain America Diner is just fantastic: Well, that was poorly worded following the Cafe 4 bit. But, it really is great. It’s a comic book lovers dream.


From floor….


…to ceiling.

And my particular favorite part of the decor:


It’s a great restaurant if you’ve brought tiny heroes: My nieces LOVE LOVE LOVE superheroes. And they love Cap. So this was definitely one of their favorite restaurants we took them to. Plus, it’s great food kids love. Burgers, sandwiches, chicken.


I’ll try to take a few more pictures the next time I visit of the interior of the restaurant and update this a bit. Until then, if you get the chance to check it out, I definitely recommend it!


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