Adventures of a Batman Fan – Part One

My family and I all have season passes to Six Flags St Louis this year, so we’re planning to take a few trips up over the next few months. Our first trip of the season was with my nieces on Monday (Memorial Day) and it was a blast. Obviously, though, one of the biggest things that draws me to Six Flags is the DC Comics themed rides and areas, including the heavy theme of Batman everywhere. And, of course, all the cool stuff I can add to my collection!

Have you never been to Six Flags? Well, here’s a treat for you all then! The Adventures of a Batman Fan in a day at Six Flags St Louis:


First up for me will probably always be the new Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 4D ride. I love love love this ride. It’s something family friendly and still a ton of fun. I love the feeling of walking into the Hall of Justice. I love that the ride really reminds me of my beloved Universal Studios. And I obviously LOVE that Batman is in it (duh.)


Sorry the above picture is a bit blurry. But my favorite part of the ride queue is just before you board your ride vehicle, and you really start to feel submerged into the story. Let’s go, new JLA recruits! We gotta stop the bad guys! Haha.


Plus, super cool Cyborg animatronic. Though my favorite animatronic is on the ride itself – The Joker! I haven’t gotten a picture of him yet. Maybe next time! Anyway, to read more on the ride, check it out here: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis 


Now if you’re looking for more of a thrill ride, just across from the Hall of Justice is the Mr Freeze Reverse Blast. To read more about the details, check out the Six Flags page here: Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast


Next up: One of my favorite areas to just look around at: Batman the Ride. Again, another one for thrill seekers, so check out the info here: Batman the Ride



Now, the above picture is particularly nostalgia inducing for me. This used to be part of the set for a Batman stunt show when I was a kid. I also remember a Tim Burton Batmobile once upon a time, but I didn’t locate it on my adventure. You can read about some of the old Batman stunt shows and see some pictures here: Batman Stunt Show.


This is a more mild thrill ride, not quite as extreme as the coasters but still a bit more than Justice League. It’s a boat ride that swings back and forth – not a boat that rides along calmly in the water. Grab a seat in the ship lined with HAHA’s and prepare for some rockin’. More on the ride here: THE JOKER Inc.


I could probably do an entire post on the shops alone – who knows, maybe next time I will! – but definitely one of the best parts of my day is toward the end of the adventure, taking time to do some hunting for my collection. So much cool stuff, so little money! Haha.


This particular trip, I was on a Harley Quinn plushie mission. I already had a Harley Quinn plushie shelf with 11 little soft Harleys on it. I now have two shelves with a total of 17 Harleys haha. I love adding to my collection whenever I can, but there’s something really satisfying about finding things while I’m on a trip – even if it’s just a trip to Six Flags!


I’m hoping to do more posts on Six Flags, and Batman related destinations in general in the future. Like what you read? Let me know! Questions? Things you want me to look into on my next trip? Drop me a comment!


6 thoughts on “Adventures of a Batman Fan – Part One

  1. As a fellow Batman fan I’m appalled I never knew these rides even existed! :O
    My parents are huge coaster freaks but we’ve never made it out to Six Flag St. Louis (living much closer to Six Flags America near DC). Now it seems I’ll have to make a trip that way sometime soon!

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