Halloween Horror Nights 26: Icon Revealed!

Yesterday, we were given this teaser video:

And this image:


With a promise of a reveal TODAY. Rumors went wild. I shot down some of the speculation immediately:

“JACK IS BACK!!” That doesn’t look like Jack, even if they changed up his makeup.

“TWISTY FROM AMERICAN HORROR STORY!” Still, no. That’s a a feminine eye, but I can sort of see where they’re coming from. But still, it’s a no.

A whole mess of other unusual suggestions, to which I just shook my head.

But then, who could it be? My money was on Chance, and I wasn’t alone from what I could tell on Twitter.

Jack1 edit

So the day is here, what does Universal Orlando have for us? What was that beautiful teaser all about?!


This is so exciting. I love love love Jack and Chance, and I’m ecstatic to see her running the show, and from what I’ve seen described on the HHN Twitter account, we’re in for something wonderful:

“When we began the process of deciding this year’s thematic, we wanted to play with the idea of picking up right where HHN 25 left off. The Carnage happened but what happened next. Jack is a supernatural figure… you can’t put handcuffs on a demon… even if that demon wears clown paint..Chance finds herself imprisoned with a “certain Jack in the Box” on an evidence shelf..But this isn’t a tragedy for her… It’s an opportunity..It’s within the confines of her cell where she creates her “theatre of the mind” a place she is in total control over..” -@HorrorNightsORL

They’ve also stated she will have her own maze and scarezone:

“This is Chance stepping into her own distinct spotlight, using what she has learned from Jack and building from that…” – @HorrorNightsORL

Plus, we’re getting something very interesting in terms of her design:


“Giving her this environmental duality with a dual looks is something we really love! The shockingly real and the gothically imagined…” “Her maze and scarezone will be fever dreams of those two distinct worlds blended…” – @HorrorNightsORL

You can read more on the Official Universal blog.

….we don’t stand a Chance.



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