Saint Louis Art Museum

You may or may not know this about me, but I actually started college as an Art Major. Yup. I had studio classes and left covered in a variety of random materials, took Art History classes that I devoured, took classes for Honors because spending countless hours on a project for class just wasn’t enough. So, you could say, I kinda dig art.

It makes me exceptionally happy that we have a wonderful art museum only an hour and a half(ish) from where I live. Good ol’ St Louis, having all the things and stuff. Well, a lot of things and stuff.

But ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved going. I’m grateful to my mother for starting my interest so young, so that I never once whined that it was “boring” – in fact, I whined to go to the Art Museum all the time!



First of all, if you’ve never been to Forest Park, you’re missing out on the truly spectacular view from Art Hill. Pictures simply cannot do justice to how breathtaking it is in person. The museum itself is stunning, and I could spend all day outside just basking in the incredible scenery.



The museum was founding in 1897, and admission to these beautiful works of art is FREE. So, if you’re visiting St Louis on a budget, this is definitely a must that’s easy on your wallet!

They have a large variety of collections:


Since this was just a quick trip for us before the Shakespeare Festival St Louis, we didn’t get to see too much. But here are some of my favorites:


Van Gogh: My best friend’s personal favorite artist, and since she was with me, this was our first stop. And no, before anymore Whovians ask me – they do not have the Exploding TARDIS. Because it wasn’t REALLY a painting, haha. But trust me, I wish it was!


Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Danaë”: One of my favorite artists, though not my favorite of her work. Still, it was a beautiful painting to see in person.


Running Artemis: I love Greek Hellenistic period sculptures, so this just leaves me awe-struck.



Striding Artemis: Though, this Roman Imperial period Striding Artemis is absolutely gorgeous to behold.

Then, there is the always popular Egyptian section:


Mummy Case of Amen-Nestawy-Nakht: How freaking cool is this?! I geek out every single time I enter this room. Plus, there’s these beauties:


All in all, I always have fun at the Saint Louis Art Museum. I’ll happily share more on my next visit, about different art and other interesting things involving the museum. Such as the amazing things you can buy:


Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to buy anything. Next time! It makes the art nerd in me very, very happy!

Have you been to Saint Louis Art Museum? What’re your favorite museums to visit? Do you have a favorite artist, or period of art history? Have any questions, comments, or favorite pieces shown today? Drop me a comment!



10 thoughts on “Saint Louis Art Museum

  1. I have a soft spot for museums and history (just blogged about my visit to the Naples National Archaeological Museum actually, which is an amazing museum). The collection at St Louis looks pretty extensive! I visited the Cairo Museum in 2009 but I understand that it’s since been at least partially destroyed due to the riots. Such a tragedy. Glad that Egyptian artefacts can still be found all over the world nonetheless!

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  2. Nice blog you have here. Congratulations!
    I’ve seen we share the interest about movies and tv-shows, as for art museums I’m a little behind, but i do love to travel and I’ll surely visit some of the places you talked about.
    But the thing that kept me here reading some of your posts was definitly the blood and horror scenes. I’m following you. Best wishes!

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