Nerd in New York

I recently went on a last minute trip out of town, and had a free day to run around in New York. It’s been eight years since I’ve been in the Big Apple, and I’ve missed it quite a bit. I’m from small town, middle of America, and big cities are always fascinating to me. It’s a constant feeling of go-go-go, where there is always something to do or somewhere to go — pretty much the opposite of how it works where I live! And I hate to be bored, sooo…

I took the train into the city, and headed straight for Times Square. I was greeted with comforting images:


These Suicide Squad ads were MASSIVE. I had to stop and just take in the beauty of them.

Next up, Midtown Comics Times Square:



I’d honestly love to go around the country exploring all of the different comic book stores, spending loads of money, and coming home to bask in my finds. Sadly, I didn’t have infinite time or money on this trip, so this was one of my must-see stops.

Again, I was greeted with a welcome sight when I started up the stairs:


Now, keep in mind as I gush about awesomeness, that my local comic book shop is a teeny-tiny room with tables loaded up with long boxes and some books on the wall, with one little area for the new releases. I don’t have fancy shops in the middle of nowhere.

Midtown Comics Times Square is two levels of AWESOME. Soooo many great comics, collectibles, shirts, posters, and more. I was in a happy, happy state of mind as I roamed, looking for treasure, and drooling over the incredible statues. This is definitely on my list to return to!


Once we finished up at Midtown Comics, it was time to venture out in search of our next destination: Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit.


Now, I’ll have a whole proper post on Star Wars and the Power of Costume up soon! I’ll add a link to this post once it’s up.

After Star Wars, we began our journey to our next destination: Forbidden Planet.

But on our walk there, we spotted a familiar building:

The Flat Iron Building – does it look familiar? For Spider-Man fans, it should!


It’s the Daily Bugle!

But, let’s keep moving, there’s more to see and do!

Forbidden Planet.jpg

Forbidden Planet was the first massive shop I’d ever been into 8 years before. So this particular destination held a lot of sentimental value to me. Plus, you can’t go wrong with badass NECA stuff in the window:


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hang around long. Exhaustion and hunger were kicking in, which was making me feel like I was going to pass out. SO, sadly, no purchases for me. I had a 15 minute walk to get food.

Which brings us to our final bit of awesome:


Now THIS has been an experience 8 years in the making. My first trip to New York was also with limited time, funds, and planning. I had hoped to go to the Jekyll and Hyde Club but never had the chance. So this time, the moment I found out I’d be in New York for a day, I knew exactly where I wanted to eat. The Jekyll and Hyde Club boasts itself as a “Restaurant and Social Club for Explorers and Mad Scientists” – which sounds like my kind of restaurant.

Sadly, my phone was at 3% by the time I had gotten settled in, so I don’t have any pictures from inside. I’d like to also do a full write up on this as well, so stay tuned for a proper post about the Jekyll and Hyde Club NYC.

Well, that sums up my nerdy day in New York! What’d you guys think? Any recommendations for next time? I’d love to hear them!


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