Fan Expo Toronto: Updates


After a week of exciting guest announcements, I’m getting really anxious for my trip. Here’s the guests announced so far:



FE NF.png

FE SA.png


In particular, I’m really excited about Jim Lee and the RHPS cast. If I can squeeze them into my agenda, I’d love to get my RHPS poster signed. It’s already signed by Barry Bostwick, but I could grab the rest of the cast while I’m there. But, we’ll see who else is announced.

Another update to Fan Expo Canada, for me – I have my hotel reservation! I’m so, so excited for it. Only a few more months to go.

I’ll try to keep a monthly update as we get closer – what guests are added, planning, packing, etc. This is my biggest trip this year, after all!

This weekend is Wizard World St Louis, so I’ll have my adventures from that up next weekend. Stay tuned!


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