Wizard World St Louis 2017


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It’s that time again, boys and girls. Wizard World St Louis – a time I can attend a con and
drive my things home at the end of each day, and not have to worry about safely getting everything home in luggage that may or may not arrive at my destination with me. This particular con makes my little collecting heart happy. BUY ALL THE THINGS!

My con prep was a little more involved, this time. I had two new bags to try out – reviews to come on those, plus I needed to sort through some of my comics to figure out what I needed to fill in some gaps, if the dollar bins would be kind to me. So, my handy dandy notebook of lists got a few pages added to it. But, aside from those things, I also needed to locate shirts, roll up posters, find my plastic protective sleeve things I use for prints, etc. Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out panels and schedules. Ooooh boy.

This was actually one of my least busy cons, but somehow felt like I was trying to do more. Funny how that works, huh?


So, for day one, I mainly wanted to get an idea of where everything was, and get a look at the vendors while there were slightly less people to deal with. Unfortunately for me, we got there a few hours later than I’d intended, so I barely made it around the floor. But during my quit attempt at looking around, I realized that I couldn’t locate the celebrities and their autograph sections. Uhm. ‘Scuse me, folks. Where have you hidden Kevin Conroy?

Here is something I rarely do on this blog: complain. I believe in talking more about what you love than what you hate. But, my con experience was tainted by this, and for that reason, I feel the need to state something:

This was the most disorganized Wizard World convention I’ve ever been to. And I have been to MANY.

It wasn’t so horrible that I have sworn off of the con. It could have just been a rough year for whatever reason. But I hated the autograph area, which was confusing to put it nicely, and I’ve never needed to get a volunteer to put my mom in the correct photo op line since my first con, when we had NO IDEA what we were doing. Combine that with the shocking lack of vendors – I think two places had t-shirts, around 5 people with comics, and maybe 3 or 4 that had Pop!s or collectibles… I was severely disappointed.

Compared the the last few years, this year was nothing. And I had went in expecting it to be much, much more.

Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way…

I picked up some great stuff my first day out. Comics I needed, including some I grabbed from the dollar boxes (15 comics for $10 – YES PLEASE!), and a few I’ve been trying to knock off my Harley appearance list, and all four issues of Batman Year Three. Plus, a comic box I’ve been wanting, and a Batman ’66 Penguin print I needed to complete a set. All in all, despite the confusion and stress, it was a good first day.



This was my day without two little girls to manage. As much as I love my nieces, and adore taking them to con, they can be a handful haha.

This day had it’s rough spots – traffic stress and parking issues, ugh – but overall it was pretty productive. I met Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester from Batman: The Animated Series. Conroy is MY BATMAN, and one of my top 5 people I’ve ever wanted to meet, ever. So this was probably the best part of con, for me. I won’t deny it – I was shaking.

I also met Sean Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy, and accidentally met Michael Rooker (again), when he decided to come to me, unroll my GOTG poster he signed two years ago, and proceeded to sign it again for free, even though I kept telling him he’d already signed it.

I didn’t know Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster from The Munsters) would be attending, so that was a pleasant surprise for me. Another pleasant surprise – artist Rick Burchett, who signed Batgirl Adventures #1 for me!

So, got some things signed, got some new comics I was looking for, and found a few treasures I’ve been wanting. Overall, Saturday was successful.



Last day, and even though I was exhausted, I was also starting to feel the con blues. Did it have to be over, already? Despite the questionable organization, drained funds, and severe lack of comics and vendors – I really hate the end of con weekend.

I had one priority the final day – the Kevin Conroy panel.

Which I missed.

Of course.

But I did grab a few more comics, a Harley Quinn figure I needed, and some 11×17 posters (two Jessica Jones and one Injustice Harley), before calling it a day.


I’ll do a post of just the haul itself in a few days. Less wordy, more pretty pictures. Give you guys a break since this was quite reading heavy haha.

I’ve got plans to attend a smaller, more comic-heavy con in St Louis in June, and then the only other con I have planned is Fan Expo Canada. Wish I could take on a few more this year, but we’ll make the best of what we have!

Did you attend Wizard World St Louis this year? What did you think of the set up? Who did you meet? Did you find anything cool while you were walking the con floor? Comment below and let me know!


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