Wizard World St Louis Haul

Last week, I posted about my weekend at Wizard World St Louis. This week, I thought I’d give you a look at the pretty things I picked up. We’ll start with the general haul, and then the comics.

The Haul:


First up, the badass FREE Wonder Woman posters I received from a booth. We just had to do some social media promo stuff, and my mom and I got some gorgeous posters. My mom is a HUGE Wonder Woman fan, so this was pretty awesome to her, as well.

The Guardians of the Galaxy poster, now signed by Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker… again. Haha.


The final Batman 66 print (of the Penguin, obviously) from artist Cory Smith that I needed to complete my set from him!


I’ve wanted the whole set for so long, but I’ve needed Harley most of all. Got her for a fair price! Ridiculously excited to add her to my collection.


Just because I love Jessica Jones and can hardly find anything ever with her on it – two 11×17 Jessica Jones posters. Planning to take at least one in for my office at work.


This was likely my best price deal. This 1/4 scale Harley is normally $100+ plus shipping, if I ordered her. I paid $75 and took her home that day. (Pop! Harley is there for size reference purposes)


One of my biggest surprises of the con – I met Eddie Munster! I have adored The Munsters since I was a little girl. Never would have guessed I’d meet Butch Patrick. He’s a really nice guy, plus I got his autograph for my collection.


Nothing super fancy about this one. 11×17 Injustice poster with Harley at the front. I have very little Injustice Harley, so I grabbed this to add to the wall.


From Left to Right: Catwoman, Oracle, Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn.

Now this beauty of a poster was a huge find, to me. I’ve LOVED this The Real Power of the DC Universe poster by Adam Hughes for years, and I found one in gorgeous shape.


While 99% of my boxes I use for my comics come from Boxes in Action, I do make the occasional exception for pretty Harley boxes. And this, my friends, is a pretty Harley box I’ve been lusting after for a few months now. Taken from her cover of Gotham City Sirens, one of my favorite Harley images. And now, it’s all miiiiine.


MY PRIDE AND JOY! My Batman: The Animated Series poster signed by Loren Lester (who voiced Dick Grayson – Robin, and later Nightwing in New Batman Adventures), but also signed by KEVIN CONROY! If you didn’t know already, Kevin Conroy is MY Batman. When people ask who my favorite person to play Batman is, he’s my immediate pick. He’s been one of my top people I’ve ever wanted to meet. Finally, I have!

But, that isn’t all I had him sign.


My promo Arkham Asylum poster, also signed by Kevin Conroy.


Annnnnnd my beautiful The Killing Joke poster, which he signed and pointed out that he left the right side of the poster “for Mark to sign” – as in Hamill. My faaaavorite Joker. An exciting thing to look forward to, for sure.



Dollar box finds. They had a deal to buy 15 comics for $10 – YES PLEASE!


Batman & Robin Adventures #1 – because Paul Dini, and it was on my Harley appearance list.


Catwoman 65, cover by Adam Hughes


Harley Quinn Cover Variant for Grayson #7


What better way for me to jump into Swamp Thing than this combo? Alan Moore and Batman. These two, plus a third I need to find, have been on my list to grab. Knocked two off in one con, for a really reasonable price.


Michael Turner cover variant in color…


…as well as the sketch cover. Gorgeous covers by the late Michael Turner. Both beauties I got a deal on, and both scratched off my list to get, now.


More Harley appearances off the list. This time, some Catwoman issues.


Look at that glorious, nonsensical cape. Oh, Todd McFarlane. I love this cover, and I had made it a goal this year to pick it up finally. Here we are!


Bruce Timm Harley variant.


Mask of the Phantasm comic adaptation. The pin was sent to me by Tom’s Lair, and wasn’t from con itself haha.


One of my favorite covers of Suicide Squad.


FINALLY getting started on picking up these issues of Gotham Girls. Four more issues to go!


Also, finally getting started on these singles from Harley’s first solo series.


Last but not least: Not only did I get Batgirl Adventures #1, but I also got it signed by Rick Burchett – another person I was totally unaware of being there until I happened to find him. It was also a gift, so I was particularly happy to spend zero dollars on it, snce it’s been rising in price. PLUS! Another Harley appearance off the list.

Overall, I got a TON of stuff, and mostly stayed within budget.


I love the excitement of looking for things, and not knowing what you’ll find at a con. I can’t wait for FanExpo, and the HUGE amount of amazing things I’ll be dying to bring home with me.


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