Star Wars and the Power of Costume

20120215_202756As some of you may remember, during the summer, I had a short notice trip to the New York / New Jersey area. I was only going to be there for a few days, and didn’t have much wiggle room to do extra stuff. But I had one day I could spare to return to New York, and I happily made a nerdy itinerary for that day.

Among the things on my list: Star Wars and the Power of Costume at Discovery Times Square, where I could see screen used costumes from the movies.

Now, I took LOADS of pictures, because there were SO MANY COSTUMES. However, I think I’m just going to highlight some favorites. So, let’s begin!

Everyone’s favorite droids.


Royal Contrast: Princess Leia (left) wore a simple yet elegant white hooded gown, very different than her mother’s wardrobe in The Phantom Menace. Natalie Portman wore nearly a dozen costumes.


Regardless of what anyone thought of the prequels, Little Angel was in loooove with Queen Amidala / Padme and her costumes. So 25 year old Angel was freaking out a bit to see some in person.




Annnnnyway, moving along:


Everyone that knows me, knows I loooooooove Stormtroopers, and have since I was a little girl. So, this transition room, filled with helmets and mirrors and a suit made for not only a super cool effect, but had my nerdy little heart pounding. I stood around in there longer than most people.


Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter was there.

I was kiiiiiinda geeking out. Like… a LOT.


Leia’s Boushh disguise in Return of the Jedi


One of the most iconic costumes of the entire franchise, and possibly even film itself: Slave Leia

And then, I geeked out some more:




Though there were LOADS more costumes I didn’t show from the first six movies, then end of the exhibit held something special for the future of the franchise:



Really, my only complaint was that I’d hoped to see a few more costumes from The Force Awakens. BUT! I absolutely LOVED this experience. It was a nerdy dream to any Star Wars fan, and I wish it could be a permanent exhibit somewhere for people to visit.

Did you get a chance to check out Star Wars and the Power of Costume? What was your favorite part? OR, if you could have gone, which costumes would you have geeked out over?


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