Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day comes but once a year – the first weekend in May, to be exact. It’s a time where new fans and old fans comeFCBD2 out from all over to grab free comics, check out some deals, and all around enjoy some nerdy good times.

This was the first time in a few years I’ve decided to participate in FCBD, but I knew this year I had to not only for myself, but because it was the first year my nieces both seemed ready to participate. They’ve been working on their own comic collections, and when I told them about FCBD, they HAD TO GO. Plus, my mom wanted to go, and my best friend joined us last minute. Nerd Girls, unite!

So, we dressed up in nerd shirts and headed to my local shop to wait in line. The girls picked out their freebies, and I grabbed mine. Then, my shop had a 25 cent room full of long boxes. Every book was a quarter, so I picked up a TON of Rebirth titles I needed to catch up on – yes, that’s right, there were new and old issues in this glorious room! I also grabbed some other back issues for myself, and a few books for my brother, best friend, and nieces. I grabbed a total of 50 books from that room. Twelve bucks and some change, people. It was a brilliant decision.

But, he also had a 50% off deal on books with white stickers, so I took advantage of that for two comics and a Lego Batman promo poster. I didn’t do anything AMAZING. But I certainly helped fill some blank spots in my collection. Which also meant I needed to pick up some new bags while I was out.


It’s safe to say I did alright. Haha.

So, here are the freebies I picked up:


I didn’t go crazy. Mainly wanted Wonder Woman, DC Superhero Girls, and I Hate Image (because I’ve wanted to check out I Hate Fairyland and figured that could give me a taste for whether I’d like it or not), but I was happy to also get Buffy, Attack on Titan, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Who. He didn’t get every book available, so my options were pretty slim to pick from.


What did you guys grab on Free Comic Book Day? What freebies did you decide on? What sort of deals did you get? Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2017

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy and Secret Empire were my FCBD 2017 loot. Scored Marvel’s Eye of the Camera and the controversial The Amazing Spider-Man: One Moment in Time for 50% discount. The experience drained me, though. Long line after long line. 🙂

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