Fan Expo Canada – Day 2

Fan Expo – Day two. The first full day of con goodness. No travel. No hauling around luggage.

Just, you know, hauling around my con bag, comics to be signed, and purchases. By the end of the day, Con Shoulder whining will inevitably begin.

Before con vs After con: The Face of Exhaustion

Most of Friday was centered around getting books signed and trying to accomplish whatever I could so that I could take the next two days easy, and be as relaxed as possible during the con. Less than cool fact about me: My body is a jerk. Autoimmune junk and nerve junk, etc. I’m a mess if I’m not on top of everything. So if Angel needed to rest, I wanted to be ready for that.

But, Friday went well, over all. I did manage to hit up a DC Comics panel.


Left to Right: Emanuela Lupacchino, Chad Hardin, Scott Snyder, Tom King, and Dan DiDio.

I don’t remember the actual name for this panel, but it was mostly about how each of them got their start, etc.Tom King was not originally listed to be there, and pretty much ran in and invited himself before it began.

FYI – I LOVE Tom King.


I had the pleasure of meeting Chad Hardin not very long before this panel. I had him sign two Harley comics that Jimmy and Amanda already signed, and bought some prints. Those that know me well, know that isn’t my favorite version of Harley. However, Chad was exceptionally nice and an absolute pleasure to meet. And he was fantastic during the panel.

Obviously, I knew King, Snyder, and Hardin, but I was embarrassed to admit I didn’t know much about Emanuela Lupacchino – and I’m so glad that I went to this panel for that reason. If you’ve never met her or seen her speaking, she’s absolutely sweet, and so talented. It was pretty interesting hearing about how she switched careers and got into art and comics, and adorable when she’d get embarrassed about early work. That’s one of the great things about panels like that – you get to learn about a creator you may not have otherwise known.

Saturday’s Haul:


Let’s start this out at the top, with the three prints I picked up from Chad Hardin. I bought the Slave Harley and the one with the white background, then the Batman/Harley print was free – all three were signed for me by Chad on the spot.

The bottom row of comics – from right to left – my Harley Quinn #1 Stanley “Artgerm” Lau variant, signed by Artgerm. Beside that – Gotham Adventures and Batman Adventures, which were already signed by Rick Burchett, but now had Ty Templeton added to them at Fan Expo. Next, we circle back to Chad Hardin – the other Harley comic he signed is accidentally buried underneath the others, but I’ll have a full con haul post, later, so no worries. THEN, we have one of my favorite pretties I bought at con – the virgin Metal variant.

Beside that is Batman: Cover to Cover. This book was brand new, still wrapped in plastic. I bought it with a Daredevil trade paperback for my brother for $20 CAD. INSANITY! I’ve wanted Batman: Cover to Cover for what feels like forever. Now it’s mine for such a great price.

Another pick up, on the opposite side, that I’ve been wanting – another Michael Turner Harley variant. I’ll go more into detail on this in the full haul post.

Last but not least, the middle – three Catwoman issues signed by Adam Hughes, and – one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THINGS FROM THE WHOLE CON – my Harley sketch Adam drew for me. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

So, as you can see, day two of Fan Expo was a blast. But, day three got a little more interesting…

What happened? Check back for Day Three of Fan Expo!


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