Fan Expo Canada: Day 4

The final day of Fan Expo was definitely the hardest one. I checked out from the hotel and left my bags with them before blindly heading to the con. I didn’t fly out until that evening, so I had time to kill at the con. But the dread of returning home filled me.

I’ve never liked the coming home part after a good trip. The thought of leaving something that made me so happy, combined with that reality check which is returning to real life… It’s rough. Not the worst thing on the planet, obviously. But definitely not my favorite.

I didn’t have much I specifically needed to accomplish on my last day, aside from getting books signed by Tom King. The rest of my day was designated to final spending and just a general wandering of the con floors.

It took me roughly forever, but eventually I did manage to catch up with Tom King, who was still very awesome, even though he was very tired haha.


I’ll have all of the pretties King signed for me in the haul post, so stay tuned for that.


I spent a good deal of time wandering, buying things, and occasionally sitting down to drink a Coke or eat lunch. Not long before I left, though, a treasure was spotted:


I’ve wanted this Harley statue for roughly FOREVER, and it was designed by Adam Hughes so… BRILLIANT IDEA! Buy her, have Adam sign her.

Results are the glorious addition to my collection that you see above.

Finally, I convinced myself to leave and head back to the hotel, giving myself plenty of time to get my bags, do the awkward shuffle on the sidewalk outside to swap out con stuff and airport stuff, and then walked across the street to the train station.

This is when the tears came. Boarding the train, and then most of my ride on the train, I spent losing a battle with tears.

I didn’t want the adventure to be over, yet.

But, I made it home safely (of course), got my glasses fixed, and slowly adjusted to life, again.

Fan Expo Canada was a fantastic experience, and one I definitely intend to partake in next year.

Anyone else get the blues when they head home?


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