Wizard World St Louis 2018


Before I say anything, I will immediately give Wizard World STL credit for one thing:

This was definitely an improvement on several of my disappointments from last year, specifically:

  • The celebrity guests were better organized, like they used to be, and not in some weird maze of tables in the middle of the room.
  • There were considerably more vendors – of comics, as well as a variety of others. This was a pretty big deal to me, last year. I was on a mission to buy comics, and only had a handful of vendors to choose from.

So, bravo for that, WW! Thank you for making that aspect more enjoyable.

Moving along…


Wizard World St Louis was held February 2-4th this year, which was a surprise to myself and many others. We’re used to an April or May con, not early February. This cut into my spending budget, big time. Right after Christmas?! Ouch. No vintage Batman goodies for Angel.


A nice touch this year came from a Doctor Who vendor, that brought along numerous Doctor Who photo op scenes, as modeled by my mother and nieces:

And the girls found some cosplayers to pose with:

…including some Non Star Wars:

Now, there were some down sides, unfortunately:

  1. I was running late as it was the first day, and then figuring out the new entrance was somewhat stressful – but that was more of the convention center than it was Wizard World, so I’ll let it slide.
  2. Guests listed on the website… weren’t there. With no mention on the site that they’d canceled. Um. Would be nice to know that before I carry around an Art of Harley Quinn book all day for Chad Hardin to sign, only to find out he isn’t there. I know some of these guests don’t require us to pay in advance, so it seems like something you don’t consider worthy of updating the site with. But please. Save me heartbreak. Chad Hardin and Jonathan Glapion were listed until day of, then POOF – gone. And I never did locate James O’Barr – real bummer.
  3. I only had one celebrity guest that I planned to buy an autograph, myself, and almost didn’t due to staff ignorance. I wanted to meet Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Fanboys, and the video for I Don’t Wanna Be Me by Type O Negative – etc) – I think he’s fantastic. So, I went up to his table, and the handler told me I’d need to buy the autograph from the sales booth nearby. No biggie. I’ve met this particular lady several times at Wizard World before and know she’s always nice and well informed. I left to buy said autograph ticket…. and they told me No. No?? His line was supposedly capped for the day. I explained that he and the handler LITERALLY just told me to come buy the ticket. Still gave me a big No. So, Dan sat with no one in his line, and I pouted extra hard.

Now, I did end up meeting Mr. Fogler the next day – and explained what happened to him and the handler, so that the matter could be addressed.

But, back to positives.

I did buy some things, meet some people, and tried to make the most of an occasionally stressful con. I went with my mom to meet a few people, like Lucy Davis (Wonder Woman, Shaun of the Dead):


Not pictured: Me. HAHAHAHA. Thanks, family.

She was an absolute sweetheart, and talked to us for a bit about filming Wonder Woman, and working with Gal Gadot – and how wonderful Gal is in real life. Considering what a huge fan my mom is, it was pretty awesome she took the time to talk about the film with us. 10/10, would recommend meeting Lucy Davis.

All in all, I had a decent con weekend. I’ll post my haul soon, as well.

Anyone else attend Wizard World St Louis?


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