It Was a Good Friday

So, I decided to take the day off Friday and get some things done, so I’d still have down time Saturday and Sunday. Everybody needs a break sometimes, right?

First up, I went to my beloved Villainous Grounds for some comic book catch up and hot chocolate.


Then I went to Schnuck’s before dropping off my haul from Villainous Grounds, to see if they had a special treat…



Anyway. After dropping off my stuff from Villainous Grounds and my ice cream, we went up to St Louis for a short mall trip, and on the way, I stopped in at my Toys-R-Us I usually go to. It was heartbreaking to see all of the STORE CLOSING signs.

So here’s my haul for the day:

From Villainous Grounds –


Bunch of comics and a Detective Comics box with art by Jock.

From Toys-R-Us:


Didn’t go too crazy. Two Pops I needed, a Batman watering can (I love odd stuff), and Jessica Jones minimates for my Jessica Jones shrine haha.

Annnnnd, from the mall:


My apologies for the awful glare haha. But! Here we are, the Living Dead Dolls Batman Returns Catwoman. SO. CUTE. Plus I picked up bags and boards for my comics, but that isn’t too exciting.

BUT WAIT! There’s more. Technically, I didn’t buy her Friday, but she did come in on Friday:


MONDO HARLEY! She’s so gorgeous. Seriously, one of my top 5 Harleys in my collection.


So, how was your weekend? Get anything cool? Go anywhere interesting? Let me know in the comments!


11 thoughts on “It Was a Good Friday

  1. Congrats on your haul. The Batman watering can is, indeed, odd… but cool! Are you intending on cleaning out and keeping the ice cream containers? The first thing I did when I got home with my Krypton Cookie Dough was carefully transfer it to a different container and clean the carton. Ha ha.

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  2. Thanks Angel for liking my April quotes blog and I had never seen that brand of ice cream before. Sad that Toys R Us is closing. I remember the big one in Times Square with the carousel inside. With the bad weather here in New York City lately, all we can do is hibernate .

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    • It took me a bit of hunting, but I finally found somewhere with the ice cream. I have a lot of friends online that are really into comic stuff and collecting, and they were who I found it from. So I obviously needed to hunt some down for myself haha. So sad about Toys-R-Us. We don’t have much for toys and collectibles here, so it really bums me out. Plus it’s a big part childhood for a lot of people. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to visit the Times Square store. Sounds like it was great!


  3. I LOVE COLLECTING!!!!! Check my site for links to where you can find my books and also my random thoughts and blog posts about my interests

    I’m more into older comics, but what is considered “old” is starting to change as to what’s considered “Ancient” haha my favorite comic is probably my 2nd printing of the first appearance of Carnage! ASM 361!!!!!!!

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