Planet Comic Con Haul

My haul from this con is more signature based, than things purchased, though I did buy some things while there.

Met Tom King again, and had these pretties signed.

And I showed you this already, technically, in my post about Planet Comic Con, but still…

Pretty Metal promo print and issue 5 of Metal, signed my Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Jonathan Glapion.

Batwoman #1 and Animosity #1 signed by the AMAAAZING Marguerite Bennett.


Also signed by Marguerite Bennett, but with a signature from Ant Lucia at the bottom as well. I was productive at Planet Comic Con, at least.

I finally found and purchased this Harley 25th Anniversary variant by Joe Benitez I desperately wanted, and got this awesome variant signed print I love and actually based my Halloween costume on this year.



Toward the end of the day, we grabbed some pizza and were wandering for a place to rest while we ate (because I was hauling around a VERY heavy bag, and was kind of exhausted), when I just so happened to spot a familiar name and artwork, and immediately bolted down the aisle. Artist ABE LOPEZ was there! I’ve loved his art for years, and I was so overwhelmed with all the last minute prep for this trip, I didn’t see he was going to be there. I swear, I would have spent SO MUCH more money at his booth if I would have known before. All I had enough for this time was the Haunted Arkham 11×17 print and a button, but I was ridiculously excited and Abe was kinda enough to sketch a Harley on the back of the print for me.


Another instance of me not thinking because I was really rushing – I forgot my Joker book for Brian Azzarello to sign, but I did make it out of the house with my DKIII #1 and the Director’s Cut. So that’s good, at least.

Another artist I was excited to meet, and honestly one of my top people I was wanting to see at Planet Comic Con, was Frank Cho. His art is amazing, and I’m particularly in love with his variants for Harley Quinn. He seriously draws her SO beautifully.



That brings me to my final thing I brought home that I want to cover – my Art of Harley Quinn book. Now, I didn’t buy this at the con, but I did take it with me to haul around all day to get signatures on haha.

Signatures so far:
Ty Templeton
Todd Aaron Smith
Ant Lucia
Stephane Roux
Rick Burchett
Chad Hardin
Jae Lee

And, of course, Frank Cho.


And the first person I had sign – Frank Cho.


I knew this when I asked Mr. Cho to sign, but he isn’t actually featured in this book – which blew my mind. His Harley is one of my favorites and 100% deserved to be in there. So I made him an exception to the rule and had him sign. Without me asking, he drew a little Harley when he signed and told me “There, now you have a Harley by me in your book.” I WAS SO EXCITED! Frank Cho is seriously such an awesome guy, I highly recommend meeting him if you’re ever so lucky.

So, there you have it! My haul from my first time at Planet Comic Con. This was seriously SUCH a fantastic con, and I hope to go back next year.


One thought on “Planet Comic Con Haul

  1. Did you notice in the mirror drawing of Harley, the artist changed their mind while drawing it ? Her legs are not the same in the mirror. I love your haul of stuff – and the Bombshells comic looks awesome!

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