STL Comics Winter One-Day


As you know, I went through a somewhat insane couple of weekends a while back, in which I wore myself with three different cons. I’ve already covered the first two – Wizard World St Louis and Planet Comic Con – now it’s time for the final con: the STL Comics Winter One-Day.

This con was definitely the smallest of the three I attended, and even smaller than the first STL Comics show I attended. HOWEVER – I cannot stress this enough – this con is definitely quality over quantity. There wasn’t a massive swarm of wandering people to push through. No massive crowds to contend with because of celebrity guests. There were some artists set up, which was awesome, but mostly it was very vendor heavy. But over all, it was what it honestly needed to be – a comic show. And I absolutely love that about it.

If it isn’t apparent from my posts, I have to travel farther than some to get comics. I can keep up some with the shop by my house, but that’s just with regular covers of current issues. What I can’t get there, I drive to Villainous Grounds for – an hour away. Other than that, I usually attempt catch-up at V-Stock or Slackers. But that’s all just more current stuff. Until I found All the Rage, I really don’t have many places I’ve found yet that I can get back issues – except at cons.

So, it’s always disappointing to me when I attend a big show, marketing itself as a comic con, but overwhelmed with all of the other pop culture aspects, and little to no comics. Don’t get me wrong – I love everything at cons. I see celebs and enjoy cosplays and like checking out the variety. But come on – I need to find my comics!

STL Comics is very focused on that, from what I can tell, and I am so appreciative of that. This is a show for comic fans and collectors. They have fantastic vendors with great variety. And the vendors are friendly and give fantastic deals – something I don’t always encounter at bigger cons. I can assure you, this was also my biggest haul of the three cons. Look forward to that extremely long haul post!

If you wanna check out any events STL Comics is attending or hosting, check out their Facebook page. I highly recommend going if you have the opportunity! Friendly people, fantastic vendors with a great selection, awesome deals, the ability to shop without being overwhelmed, and a very easy drive. Not to mention, $5 admission!


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