Free Comic Book Day 2018

Another year, another Free Comic Book Day. And it was busy busy busy. This year we took my nieces on a big adventure to three shops – Villainous Grounds, All the Rage, and my local shop – Not Just Comix.

I will state before going into this, that it is important to remember that even though it is Free Comic Book Day, these comics are not free to shops, and it’s important you buy something as well as pick up your free comics. I didn’t have the most money on this trip due to Fan Expo crunch time, but I still made sure to buy something at all three shops – as did my mother, my brother, and the girls. Please support local shops and keep them in business.

First up: Villainous Grounds


My purchases: 


After that, we drove around an hour North to Kade’s Playground for lunch and a break:


Then we headed to All the Rage – which I still need to do a proper post on:


My purchases: 


Finally, we went back toward home to our last shop – my shop closest to home (did I mention the other two shops are hour drives? Yeah. They’re worth it, though.) – Not Just Comix:


Safe to assume they were getting tired.

My purchases:


Top book was 50% off, bottom three were 25 cents each. YES.

And my favorite thing I brought home that day:


I’ve wanted this poster for so long.

Now, the free books I picked up were all from Villainous Grounds, and I only grabbed three. My reasoning was simple: I have two little girls with me that are rapidly building up their collections, and if there are shop limits, I could grab some the girls wanted as my own and give them to them later.

My FCBD books:


Well, that’s all, folks! Stay tuned for more posts to come, including my STL Comics Winter One-Day haul.



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