Superman Celebration 2018

Last year I went to the Superman Celebration, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. So, of course, I immediately planned to return this year.


One lucky thing about the long drive to Metropolis, Illinois – I can stop in Perryville, Missouri on the way, and see the lovely people at Villainous Grounds.


I needed some comics and to pick up the Harley I won on Free Comic Book Day, so it all worked out well. Plus, I adore Villainous Grounds.


After that quick stop, we continued on our way. You may notice in the pictures, it was raining. Of course, by the time we got to Metropolis – it was ready to really storm.

Have I mentioned I’m afraid of storms? Haha.


I was pretty excited to go to Super Con, inside one of the buildings near the museum and statue. Last year I was bummed I didn’t bring much money with me, so I made sure to bring a little bit this year.


My purchases:


Harley Quinn #1 from her first solo series, and a Harley Quinn coaster.


We dodged the rain off and on, had funnel cake and nachos, and walked around enjoying the costumes and coolness.

I brought a little friend along to take some pics…

Plus, the girls are always down for photo ops:




Overall, we had a great time, despite the gross weather. Metropolis is a great town and a perfect example of a nerdy destination for any road trip. While I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the museum again this round, I will be finally posting about the museum soon! So, stay tuned for more nerdy goodness.




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