Favorite Seasons of AHS


With the Apocalypse upon us, I thought it’d be a good time to have a look back at the last seven seasons. So here’s my list of best seasons, from least favorite to favorite.

7.) Season Six – Roanoke

I couldn’t make it through this season when it was on – the first several episodes just couldn’t keep my attention. I didn’t like or understand the approach. I didn’t feel like I was able to get invested. However, I just made myself power through it, and it actually picks up like 6 episodes in. The best way to describe it is like it spent the first chunk of the season preparing itself to be a season of AHS – and I can see why people wouldn’t like that, especially with how often this series begins seasons with intensity. But those middle episodes, once it picks up? They’re fantastic. I just wish it could have been more of that at the beginning and end of this season. Just that little push more could have moved it up farther for me.

6.) Season Seven – Cult

There was a major concern for myself and a lot of people about the fact that this season would be mixing in a lot of real world politics. My biggest worry was pushing heavily on just one set of opinions and it overpowering the point of the show. However, I was pleased to see they balanced it with both sides extremes, the scary reality of political fanatics, and people blindly willing to follow another person – a cult. This season wasn’t the best by far, but it kept my attention for the most part.

5.) Season Two – Asylum

This may be shocking. I heavily debated this placement. But Asylum was a season that held a lot of potential for me and fell short. I love asylums. I love demonic possession and Heaven vs Hell concepts. But they blended in so much weird alien stuff that didn’t fit well, for me, that it made it a season I don’t enjoy rewatching really.

4.) Season Five – Hotel

Not everyone was digging this season, and there were episodes that were definitely hit or miss. But as a whole, I enjoyed it. It’s actually the season I’m currently watching again. The residents of the Hotel Cortez took me back at times to a feeling I’d get from the first season, Murder House. I liked the stories behind the characters, good and bad. James March was, in particular, a favorite of mine.

3.) Season Four – Freakshow

I loved this season, even though many people seemed not to care for it. This was one of my most emotionally attached seasons. Maybe it was my love for the old Freak Show aspect. Maybe it was my love for the characters. Either way, it was still worthy of being in my top three.

2.) Season Three – Coven

I was late to the party with Coven. I watched half of the season before losing track due to life in general, then never caught up once it released on DVD. I recently sat down and watched it again in it’s entirety and WOW, was I a doof to have waited this long! Coven was a very fun season, for me. I love New Orleans – I’ve been twice and I’m dying to return – and I loved the witches vs voodoo aspect. But while I loved it, it was still a close second to…

1.) Season One – The Murder House

This was a shocker of a show for me, and I think that’s why the first season will always be my favorite. I was interested, because I loved horror. But when it premiered on FX, I never imagined it could be so intense. I mean, come on – it was a TV show. I was so wrong, and loved it so much. I was so fascinated by the disturbing things going on. I just watched it again all the way through and it was still as fun for me as it was the first time.

Now, of course, these are just my own preferences. Everyone has their own tastes, interests, fears, etc.

What are your top seasons? Are you looking forward to the new season, this week? I am. I know so far it’s going to link back to Murder House and Coven, and that’s pretty exciting to me.



3 thoughts on “Favorite Seasons of AHS

  1. WOW! I’m really surprised with the placement of the seasons! I guess that’s what makes opinions so fun to read and reflect on. I loved Roanoke for everything it had to do with mythology and commentary on reality television. I really loved Cult because of how it reflected the insanity that’s happening in the US and with people just following without questioning (and so many awesome twists and turns). For me, I’d go 7, 6, 2, 4, 1, 3, 5 – but even with low ranking seasons, there’s so much fun. I’m waiting for the 2nd episode of the new season to air so I can do a back to back on the PVR. Cheers!

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    • I definitely loved Roanoke more as a whole, once I finished it and grasped what it was going for. And I loved that about Cult – showing the insanity of people following without questioning. But I always enjoy seeing where other people rank AHS seasons. It’s the beauty of this particular show, because each is different, and in those ways we all have preferences based on the things we enjoy. Thank you for sharing your list!

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  2. I love Murder House as well. I know it’s campy and overdone but I love it. I also didn’t love the aliens in Asylum, I didn’t get the purpose of it, nor did I get why we had to see the doctor’s experiments when they didnt’ break lose to get to people. I liked the Roanoke until they broke the fourth wall about 5th episode and tore down the behind the scenes stuff.

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