Batman Day 2018


Batman Day jams for the drive.

Batman Day was last Saturday, and I made my trip to Barnes and Noble for Batman Day fun.


So many nifty freebies, this year.


Trivia was advertised, but when I asked about it, no one knew what was happening. Unfortunate, because I love Batman Day trivia. But oh well.

They had Batman Day activities for children, but since my nieces weren’t with me, I didn’t take pictures this time. I wasn’t super comfortable taking pics of other people’s kids, haha.



My modest haul, this year. Not all from Barnes & Noble. Batman string lights, 5ft Batman poster, and Batman Giant #2 are from Walmart. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is from Best Buy. Everything else was from Barnes & Noble, including that beautiful Poison Ivy.



Now, there was one freebie in particular I was after:


I think it’s safe to say by now, that you guys know I love Batman: White Knight (and if not, you can go read about how brilliant it is here.) – so obviously, I needed that Batman Day copy for my collection of White Knight issues. I’m pretty excited I was able to grab it.

What did you do for Batman Day? Hit some local shops? Go to Barnes & Noble? Find a cool signing to go to?

I’m hoping to do some more cool things next year. Something a little different than just Barnes & Noble.

(p.s. I’ll happily post a Batman playlist sometime, if anyone is interested haha)


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