HallowCon Missouri 2018



This year, we had something a little different in the area – HallowCon Missouri. I was pretty surprised to see someone putting together a horror con fairly close to home. So, of course, I was up for checking it out.

I went twice – the first time, briefly, with my nieces. The second time with my mom, aunt, and my best friend Brittaney (the very same one that went vampire hunting with me.) For some reason, I have no pictures of Brittaney and myself haha.

The con itself was free, which was pretty nice, and made it easier for me to attend and bring in more bodies. They were accepting can donations for the food pantry, and that was fantastic. For every donation, you were entered into a drawing. Both Brittaney and my mom won something, and from what I heard, they had a pretty good haul to take to the food pantry after.

There was a pretty decent number of vendors, from artists to authors, jewelry and witchy goodness, horror and pretty things. Despite going twice, I didn’t get pics/cards from everyone, some because they didn’t seem too into the idea for some reason, or some because I was exhausted and kept getting distracted looking at everything.
These are some of the vendors I have some pics and contact info, in case anyone is interested in their goodies:

Freya’s Favors


Etsy: Freya’s Favors
Twitters and Facebook: @FreyasFavors
Email: freyasfavors@gmail.com

Lady Hahn’s Art


Lady Hahn’s Art Oddities & Curiosities




Etsy: Astrielle

Cricket and Crow

20181020_1524473768971812477314071.jpgFacebook: Cricket and Crow
Etsy: Cricket and Crow

My Little Creepy:

My Little Creepy Facebook

Putrid Penguins

Instagram: putrid_penguins
Etsy: Putrid Penguins

Josh Pullen (Desoto, MO)

Like I said, I didn’t get every vendor – either they were busy, uninterested in me taking pictures of their work, or I just missed them while I was distracted by all the interesting things.
I only had the budget to pick up one thing, and this little one kept lingering in my brain:

Cute little coffin box from My Little Creepy.
Hopefully I have a better budget next year if they bring it back. There were some more spooky goodies I would have loved to have gotten. There was also some gaming, live demonstrations, and music – but I was just wiped out from going twice already in one day, so I didn’t partake much in that, this time.
So, anyone else check it out? Favorite artist listed above? Anyone you plan to look into their work? Let me know in the comments!

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