Fright Fest 2018


The day after HallowCon, we took my nieces to Six Flags St. Louis for Fright Fest. Lillie turned 9 earlier in the week, and her request was to go through her first haunted house. And, being the spooky queen that I am, I was set on making that happen, and agreed to be the adult that would take her.

When we first got into Six Flags, Lillie and I talked over it one last time, and she was sure. They recommend 12+, but Lillie is a brave kid. We bought our single house tickets. It was set in stone – we were going to do her first haunt.


Lillie was ready for scares early in the day – looking for Pennywise.


Gnawlin’s Hallow scare zone:


We had a ton of fun walking the scarezones and creepy cool sites. The girls thoroughly enjoyed Freaks Unleashed, when the train comes and scareactors flood the area.


Lillie was really getting into the spirit, going through the scarezones like a champ.


Finally, once it was getting dark, we knew it was time to go through our chosen haunt for the evening.


After looking through the house line up and discussing it with a friend that worked at Fright Fest, I decided Night Terrors would be the perfect house. Here’s the description:

“Your fears and phobias come to life in this twisted maze that makes your nightmares a reality. Don’t look under the bed, don’t open the closet, and don’t close your eyes!”

From the Six Flags Passholder Newsletter:

Face Several of Your Worst Fears in One Haunted House

Night Terrors is one of our most uniquely themed haunted mazes this season. In this large walk-through adventure, each room features a different theme representing some of the most popular and most terrifying phobias known to man.

You’ll pass a pitch-dark room where you can’t see the evil lurking in the shadows, but around the next corner there’s a flashing carnival of horrors full of sinister clowns. Navigate tight spaces to face claustrophobia, crawl through webbing in a creepy insect lair, meet the ghosts who live under the bed, and scream through a bloody zombie apocalypse – all in one attraction.

What better house to drag a small child into, right?!

So… how did it go?



Lillie absolutely had a blast. She lead the way in the house. She pressed on, even when she would be startled. She had a smile plastered on her face the whole time, and the entire rest of the night.

Her favorite part? Yum Yum the Clown. Lillie has yet to stop talking about him, a week and a half later. She wants to be a scareactor for career day, and even wrote a paper for school about Yum Yum. The child is obsessed.

Next year, we hope to do more houses, and take her little sister Dica into a house. We may even do Creepyworld or more houses.


Did you guys do any haunts this year? Any planned for tonight? Let me know! I love checking out Halloween events.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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