Who North America


I cover a lot of cons, theme parks, events, etc. on this blog, but at the heart and soul of it all, Wandering NerdGirl is devoted to my passion for finding nerdy travel destinations. Ladies and gents, let me present to you one of those places – Who North America.

Who North America is one of those fantastic stories of a fan’s love developing into something incredible. Keith Bradbury started Who North America back in 1998, when Doctor Who merchandise was pretty limited in the U.S., and quickly grew into one of the largest sources to buy Doctor Who products in North America. In 2016, Who North America opened up a store people could visit. And to make it even more incredible to visit – half the store is a Doctor Who merchandise museum.

Yeah. The moment I read about it, I knew I had to go.

The Museum:







The Store:





I cannot get over how impressive Who North America is. There were more items for sale than I could have ever fathomed. CDs, DVDs, books, cosplay, home goods, and toys galore. I was seriously so impressed with the selection. And that merchandise museum? Jaw dropping in person. There was so much to take in, it was overwhelming, in the best way possible.

My purchases:

I stayed pretty simple in what I picked up: a Bad Wolf necklace, and a Cyberman Christmas ornament.

Who North America is located in Camby, Indiana. This is around 4.5 hours from my house, and totally worth leaving ridiculously early to drive up to. You can order from them online, or go with a ton of money and buy at the store yourself!

I highly recommend Who North America to any and all Whovians out there.

Ever been? Dying to go? Let me know in the comments!


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