Holiday in the Park

20181130_1815048696200414843506335.jpgA few years ago, Six Flags started opening up for a few weekends after Thanksgiving, for an event called Holiday in the Park. This was the third year of the event, and our third year attending. In all honesty, this was probably our most successful year. The first year, I don’t remember much other than being miserably cold and wanting hot chocolate, which I did not get. Last year was cold but not as bad, and I did get my hot chocolate.

This year, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t uncomfortably cold, so we all got by with jackets and hoodies. That was my first real triumph.


I was on a particularly odd mission, this trip: I had some Harley Quinn Christmas items I was after, and I was really craving a funnel cake. For some reason.

20181130_18414848961982634837878.jpgI think one of my favorite parts of our trip this year was riding the train. While we waited for it to leave and go around the park, we could comfortably sit and enjoy the Christmas lights and take in the festive atmosphere.

My nieces rode some kid rides and took plenty of pics with various people around the park. I’m surprised the Coca Cola bear wasn’t kidnapped by my niece haha.

20181130_1939308058581938270118383.jpgObviously, we found some perfect Santa hats that the girls HAD to wear around the park.

20181130_193520971316758317977067.jpgThey also had stories read to them and sang some popular songs with Mrs. Claus, before writing some letters to Santa.

20181130_1922174394973057358514482.jpgI don’t know what scandal Santa is caught up in, but at least he has my niece on his side.

20181130_2019046925506326608671761.jpgOf course, I can’t go to Six Flags and NOT go on Justice League.


Then, finally, we got our delicious dessert:

20181212_1011486564313457954936098.jpg1811086f-1a3a-4beb-b1f2-97ee962e447c1614329446346934625.jpgMy brother got some sort of fancy special one they had out for the event. My sweet tooth isn’t THAT sweet, so I just had some of the regular funnel cake. Yuuuum.

My purchases:

img_20181201_213943_6918005957080369402180.jpgMerry Christmas, puddin’

So, that was our 2018 trip to Six Flags St Louis for Holiday in the Park. Have you been? What sort of Christmas traditions do you have every year? I’d love to travel more for holiday events. I’ve never been to Disney or Universal during the Christmas events, surprisingly.

Maybe next year!


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