Batman Haul – November 2018

I’m a little behind, but there was A LOT to get pics of, for this haul. So, bear with me on this nerdy journey.

20181124_1227342889928385872821157.jpgI’m a sucker for Batman everything. Two Batman stockings and a Batcave gingerbread kit from Walmart.

img_20181201_213943_6918005957080369402180.jpgAnd, of course, any and all things Harley Quinn.

lrm_export_604306322202209_20181212_1109132789188799485493010236.jpegI grabbed A LOT of comics, trying to get caught up. NOTE: Still not caught up.

lrm_export_604651694423379_20181212_1114586288123811127619807057.jpeglrm_export_604556556705916_20181212_1113235116644823618807937576.jpegSome random goodies.

lrm_export_604798698171969_20181212_1117256315367105147343753799.jpegIt’s no secret how much I love Batman: White Knight. So even though I have every issue, I really wanted the trade for reading purposes. And because I’ll buy EVERYTHING White Knight I can get my hands on.

lrm_export_604976453871641_20181212_1120233877681095853397780349.jpegSpeaking of comics, I also grabbed this gorgeous DC Bombshell short box. Kinda want to grab two more for my nieces, honestly.

lrm_export_605172703335368_20181212_1123396377605768971600884828.jpegLOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL FELLA! In case you didn’t know, Frank Gorshin as the Riddler is my favorite villain in the 1966 Batman series. In general, The Riddler is one of my favorites. I have a mini shrine going.

20181208_1207013832270226344223251.jpgHot Topic exclusive Holiday Harley Quinn figure by Cryptozoic Entertainment.

img_20181205_210458_4035621092787220881265.jpgAlso received the ThinkGeek exclusive Bombshell Harley Pop! (on the left) from the lovely @kirrixx on Instagram.

img_20181203_214311_3373887649502869401238.jpgThe Lee Bermejo black and white Harley statue. Pictured here with a signed Bermejo cover that you unfortunately can’t see the signature in the lighting haha.

img_20181209_210533_3617518270862561125955.jpgThis AMAZING Batman Who Laughs statue, that I was dying to get to put in front of my signed Metal covers. I adore him, and it was really reasonably priced.


img_20181129_214807_0661690848647761703631.jpgI received my big Christmas present early from my mom, last month. The first comic book appearance of Harley Quinn – and it’s finally MINE. I literally slid to the ground and cried when I got it. This is one of my holy grail items I wanted for my collection and it’s FINALLY MINE. I’m still in shock.

So, there you have it! A bigger haul than I’ve had in a while, but it was a lucky month of early Christmas gifts / money, so it worked out well for my little nerdy heart. Get anything cool yet? Anything above on your own wishlist? Let me know!


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