Aquaman and Fancy Seats



Aquaman just hit theaters the 21st, and within 8 days, I have seen it three times in theaters. To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. And coming from a girl that used to mock Aquaman – I’m legitimately ready to grab some trade paperbacks and read some Atlantean adventures.

That being said, the first two times my mom and I went to see Aquaman, we went to our local theater, which is still in the old school chair set up that absolutely KILLS my back (yay, osteoarthritis in my spine), and that definitely took away a little from the movie for me. So, we decided to go to another theater to try something I’ve been wanting to – fancy, reclining seats. And, luckily for me, the B&B Theatres in Festus, MO just renovated and not only have fancy new seats, but new everything. And, they’re much closer to me than going all the way to St. Louis.


Now the concession stand has food – like, some actual food, such as flatbreads and chicken – as well as the normal popcorn, soda, and candy options. There’s tables to eat at, and even a bar for the 21 and up crowd that likes to partake in adult beverages.

Something super cool about buying our tickets was the ability to choose our seats, and they were reserved for us. No worries about getting your party split up, or getting stuck in the front row if you don’t want, etc. Super convenient. We had our pick of the place, and went for upper middle – which was PERFECT.


Of course, I had to take my niece with us – she was dying to see Aquaman AND use the fancy seats.

20181228_1513418222863661702949018.jpgIt was pretty awesome not only having a nice, spacious aisle (no more people crawling on your lap to get out), but it was SO fantastic to not worry about someone sitting in front of us, mainly the little one, and blocking the view.


The seat was very easily controlled by little buttons on the side, so you could recline a little, or a lot, and adjust as necessary during the movie. And it was pretty quiet, so it didn’t disrupt the movie for anyone else. Added bonus – a button to turn on the heating option. My mom and Dica took advantage of it most of the movie.

20181228_1804417334816724052007627.jpgSo, what did we think?

We LOVED the updates to the theater. The seating was amazing, and the atmosphere of the lobby was an excellent upgrade. Unfortunately, this time, I wasn’t able to try out any of the food – but I have a feeling I’ll be back.

Plus, Dica gave Aquaman two thumbs up! That’s the most important review, really.

Have you seen Aquaman yet? What did you think? And have you ever tried the fancy theater seating? Because I am an instant fan!


4 thoughts on “Aquaman and Fancy Seats

  1. If I were spending currency on enjoying Hollywood box office films, I would be enticed as well, quite possibly, by fancy seating.

    There’s a chance Aquaman will break box office records, isn’t there? If it hasn’t already. How did you feel about Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel?


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