Batman Haul – December 2019

It wasn’t nearly as massive as my November haul, but here’s my little December haul:

img_20181208_213443_3947838544489854877714.jpgBack Issue – Batman the Animated Series 25th Anniversary issue – September 2017

img_20181228_214719_6548656878145884253494.jpgHarley Quinn Bombshell Metal vehicle and Batman the Animated Series Metal vehicle. (You can buy the Harley vehicle through my affiliate link! It won’t cost you anything extra but gives me a tiny commission.)

img_20181213_214432_7006817770252020130937.jpgBatman the Animated Series Dr. Harleen Quinzel Pop! from Pop in a Box.

Annnnnd that’s all for last month, folks! I got some other things, not related to Batman characters. If you’re interested in other hauls, be sure to let me know. I’m more than happy to share whatever goodies I get haha.

Cons are coming, and with cons, more hauls! So look forward to those coming in time.

Get anything cool recently? See anything of interest from my little haul? Let me know in the comments!


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