Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Ride Rumors



Disclaimer: Until confirmed by the company, these remain rumors. You can read the original post on Attraction Magazine’s site.

Everyone is on edge (heh), waiting for Galaxy’s Edge to open up this year. Personally, I’m dying to go, and can’t wait until the time comes I can finally plan my return to Disney World and devote a few days to immersing myself in one of my favorite fandoms. You can bet I’ll be decked out in all my Star Wars gear and ready to completely geek out.

As we get closer to actually getting to see everything the new 14 acre land has to offer, more news and rumors are coming out about the attractions. Everyone (including myself) has been drooling over the idea of flying the Falcon, but another ride is quickly gaining buzz. Disney has released this teaser for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and now there is an article on Attractions magazine giving us more of an idea on what could be in store for us.


Photo: Attractions Magazine

From the Attractions Magazine article:

“Guests will board the ship, and, unbeknownst to them, will be spun 180 degrees inside. This spinning will allow the room to both load and unload guests at the same. Large screens, combined with music and sound effects, will simulate that guests are taking off from Batuu into space.

While on their way through the galaxy, the ship will be captured by the First Order. This will force the ship to land inside of a First Order Star Destroyer hangar.
This is where the main storyline of the attraction begins. Guests will exit the pre-show ship into a hangar. This will be one of the largest rooms of the entire building, complete with animatronic stormtroopers, TIE fighters and a picturesque view of space. Guests will be told to, “move along,” as they are taken to individual load rooms, themed to First Order prison cells.


Photo: Attractions Magazine 

Guests will then be loaded into one-of-two different trackless First Order transport vehicles. These two ride vehicles will accompany each other during the entire experience. Once guests are loaded in, the vehicle is sent out of the room for processing.
Now, while there are four showrooms, equaling eight different ride vehicles, it is expected that there will never be more than two vehicles in the same room. The two vehicles that start together will never be separated for more than a few seconds.”

You can read more on the actual article, but be warned! Loads of spoilers! So if you prefer to be surprised, avoid for now.

Who else is ecstatic for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to open? Anyone already have their trip booked? Or are you going to put it off a few months while the initial flood of people head for the new expansion?


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