Comic Talk: Batman Who Laughs

Let’s talk comics, shall we?

One of the quickly rising characters DC has introduced us to recently is The Batman Who Laughs. He became popular with Dark Knights Metal, the badass universe Scott Snyder envisioned and brought to life with Greg Capullo and so many others in 2017/2018.


Dark Knights Metal panel at Fan Expo Canada 2017

I was lucky enough to hear Scott and some of the others discuss it all at the very beginning during Fan Expo Canada.

It’s easy to see why: not only is the character visually some badass crossover of Batman and a cenobite from Hellraiser, but the very concept of this Batman is everything we could ever want – a crossover of Batman, and the Joker. Plus, he’s written so beautifully, it’s hard to deny the dark charisma so many enjoy out of their villains.

We were first introduced to the Batman Who Laughs in Teen Titans #12, during the Gotham Resistance arc – my personal favorite arc from Metal – and then his solo origin story, which has to be one of the craziest, coolest things I’ve read.


And while people have their own opinions about Metal (I loved it, myself), we can all agree: Batman Who Laughs stole the show. Fans were craving more.

And now, we have it.

Batman Who Laughs issue two came out today, and man – what a ride these first two issues have been! I’ll avoid spoilers here as much as possible.


After the events of Metal, and the big Batman vs Batman Who Laughs battle, we’re unsure where this nightmarish Batman has gone. This story looks to answer that, while also showing us one of the most challenging things our Bruce has had to face – himself, unhinged. No rules.

In the first issue of this mini series, we’re introduced to another dark Batman – the Grim Knight, brought in by the Batman Who Laughs to help him come after the Batman we know and love. Imagine how difficult facing this particular duo must be – someone that knows everything he knows, how to get into every place he knows, that knows every move he knows – but insane and ruthless, like the Joker. And then top that off with a killing machine version of himself. Batman has his hands full.


But that isn’t even the biggest problem Batman has.

I highly recommend checking this mini series out if you enjoyed Metal, have interest in The Batman Who Laughs, love the team up of Scott Snyder with Jock (again), or just love some dark, fun stories.

If you have more interest in this series or anything else Scott has coming up, be sure to check out his most recent interview with The Bat Force for Bat Force Radio.

Have you been reading The Batman Who Laughs? What were your thoughts on Metal?


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