I decided to ask my followers on Instagram (@angelyoung13 for anyone interested) to suggest some favorites they’d like to know. So, here were some of my top favorites I was asked for:

1) Favorite non DC/Marvel/Superhero comic? Animosity. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Nightmares and Fairytales.

2) Favorite artist? Several! Sean Murphy, Frank Cho, Christopher Uminga, Victoria Frances, Guillem March, Artemisia Gentileschi, Jhonen Vasquez. Just to name a few.

3) Favorite beverages? I drink a lot of water. But I have a weakness for Pepsi/Coke.

4) Favorite color? Purple, red and black.

5) Favorite version of Harley Quinn, aside from classic? If it counts, Harley in Batman: White Knight. If we’re just talking alternate costumes, maybe Bombshell or Injustice.

6) Favorite version of the Joker? Mark Hamill, if we’re talking favorite acted version. Favorite comic version, White Knight and Killing Joke.

7) Favorite Harley Quinn story (from any media)? Batman: White Knight. Hands down.

8) Favorite wig company? I used to work for a Halloween store for two years and started really liking Leg Avenue wigs. But now I mainly buy and absolutely LOVE using wigs from Purple Plum Inc.

9) Favorite food? I love Chinese restaurants and nachos.

10) Favorite character/comic outside of Batman? Outside of Batman and Harley, Rorschach from The Watchmen. Which is also my second favorite comic thing.

11) Favorite video game? Bioshock

12) Favorite episode of Batman: the Animated Series? Mad Love. Girls Night Out. Heart of Ice.

13) Favorite Harley Funko? The Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn and Dr Harleen Quinzel pops.

14) What is your favorite Harley Quinn moment? Her brilliance in capturing Batman in the Animated Series, or basically the entirety of Batman: White Knight.

There we go! First post of favorites, which is apparently a lot of White Knight. If there’s any you’d like to ask for the next one, drop them in the comments.


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