Planet Comicon 2019

I am back (and still trying to recover from) my first con of the year – Planet Comicon! While we had a ton of fun this year, it certainly wiped me out – and we only attended two days!

This year was extra fun, because we took my friends Kelsey and April along for their first con experience. It was pretty exciting taking someone to see it all for the first time. And they had a blast, too, which makes me happy.

There were loooooads of GREAT cosplayers this year, as you can tell. We all had fun spotting favorites and snagging pics. There was a Ron Burgundy from Anchorman that I could never catch, though.

I met Lori Petty, Tara Strong, and Babs Tarr on day one, and that was awesome. I’ll have pics of my stuff in a haul post, soon.

The second day, we woke up, had a great breakfast together at our hotel, and then went back for our last day of con – Saturday.

I had a pretty delicious walking taco at the con, which both smelled incredible and was super tasty.

My main people were done on day one, so I wouldn’t be as stressed the final day. But I did have some comic book people I wanted to meet.

Liiiike Doug Mahnke.

And Frank Tieri.

Both pics guest starred my mom’s hands. Thanks, ma.

It was mostly a great trip, aside from a trigeminal neuralgia flare on day two that had me crying in front of strangers. Oh, the joys of being me.

Hopefully I’ll get the haul up soon! But I do have Wizard World St Louis this weekend.

Anyone else attend Planet Comicon? Who did you meet? Find anything cool? Let me know! I definitely met some Kansas City businesses I’d like to come back for to do proper posts on their actual shops!


4 thoughts on “Planet Comicon 2019

  1. Wow, that looks like one awesome con you went to. I’m going to Phoenix Fan Fusion next month. It’s going to be so fun! You should come!


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