Batman Who Laughs and Batman reviews – NCBD

It’s New Comic Book Day! My two big reads for this week were The Batman Who Laughs 4 and Batman 68.

Up first, Batman 68:

Written by Tom King. Art by Amanda Conner.

Continuing in the Knightmares ARC, we enter another – and somehow one of the more unsettling, for me – nightmares Batman is being forced into.

This time, things feel too happy. Too nice. To whimsical and good. And maybe for that reason, it feels the most unsettling and wrong, to me. Not the writing or issue is bad. But that you feel like you know it’s all wrong. In a good way. Make any sense? I hope.

Reading this ARC again altogether will be one hell of a trip, and will really shine through just how brilliant King’s writing is. Sometimes people don’t get it reading it a single issue at a time, but when they read it collected, or save their single issues for a finished ARC to read as a whole, they’re more understanding of the piece as a whole.

Man. I’d love to keep Tom King on Batman another 100 issues.

Next up:

The Batman Who Laughs #4

Written by Scott Snyder. Art by Jock.

This very well be my favorite issue of The Batman Who Laughs so far. It definitely has my favorite scene in the series.

Bruce is starting to give in to the Joker toxin, and hopes to use The Batman Who Laughs dark metal visor to help him figure out his next moves, and track down the next Bruce Wayne that BWL and the Grim Knight plan to kill.

Seriously. This issue is one hell of a ride in the best way, and that scene… wow. I won’t spoil it. Read for yourself.

What do you have coming out today that you’re picking up?

– Angel

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