Planet Comicon Haul 2019

Here it is! The anticipated haul of goodies from Planet Comicon this year.

Tank Girl poster I already had, but now signed by Lori Petty! She said she actually loved this poster and it was only used as a promo poster and not the main one. Learning new stuff all the time haha.

Had Frank Tieri sign two of my Dark Knights books.

Batman print from artist Doug Mahnke.

Print from Camilla d’Errico

Print by (on Instagram)

Babs Tarr signed comics.

Gotham City Sirens print by Babs Tarr

Harley Quinn Babs Tarr pin.

Arkham Knight Harley signed by Tara Strong

Added Tara Strong to my Batman the Animated Series poster (for her Batgirl), and also grabbed this sweet Conroy (Kevin Conroy) Batman shirt.

Well, that’s pretty much it I think. Have a favorite I picked up or had signed? Let me know!


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