Review: The Wake

I hadn’t heard of this until it was recommended to me a few months ago by a friend. I was promised underwater horror, made by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy – which all sounded completely up my alley.

Summary (from Amazon):

When marine biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Department of Homeland Security for help with a new threat, she declines but quickly learns they won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Soon she is plunging to the depths of the Arctic Circle to a secret, underwater oil rig filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery. But when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean!

The Wake is perfect for fans of sea creature related horror. It’s two somewhat different halves in this trade: the first is sort of Alien underwater, and the second half is heavily a watery, post apocalyptic feel. The easiest explanation for this is a different main characters for each half, so the perspectives are quite different.

This was a super interesting read that I really enjoyed. I think the first half was probably more enjoyable for me, just because I really liked the main character and the feel of it all, that whole underwater Alien thing.

But I do recommend this, especially if you enjoy the idea of reading about carnivorous mermaid type creatures and a heavy horror blended with sci-fi story.

Have you read The Wake? Or are you planning to check it out?


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