Justin’s Comics

Last weekend, we decided to go check out a shop I’ve wanted to visit in St. Charles, MO. I’ve followed their page on Facebook for a little while and saw a sale and figured it was the perfect excuse to make the drive.

On our way up, we stopped to eat at Gordon’s Stop Light Drive In in Crystal City, MO – a first for us. Good food, friendly service, and great prices. We will definitely going back.

Then, onward to our true destination.

This was a pretty exciting shop for us. My niece immediately found E.T. cards she was ridiculously thrilled about moments after entering, and I was excited to dig through back issues and check out the shelves of trade paperbacks.

There was a great variety of items: new issues, back issues, key books, trade paperbacks, manga, toys, statues, cards, game stuff, etc. There was honestly something for everyone.

Plus Justin, the owner, was very helpful with my niece, and very patient with her, which is something I don’t always experience in shops, and I appreciate it tons.

Honestly, I will definitely be returning. The sales he has are fantastic. The variety is great. And the service and helpfulness was outstanding.

My haul:

Mostly, with back issues under $7 being 50 cents each, I was aiming for those. I grabbed chunks of Suicide Squad and Detective Comics I needed. But everything in the store was 50% off, so I also took advantage of some trade paperbacks and a statue I needed. (thanks for the assist, mom. Haha.)

Honestly, between my mom, niece, and myself, we left with a ton of stuff without spending a ton of money.

If you’re in the area and looking for a cool shop to check out, definitely stop by Justin’s Comics in St. Charles.


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