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I was recently contacted by an Australian company called Geek X about their new line of licensed DC collectibles, and asked if I’d share some of their upcoming preorders. And man, they have some beautiful stuff on the way!

Here’s a snippet from their website to give you a better history of their company:

“With humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia, Geek X has grown organically and vertically integrated into a diverse portfolio, primarily represented by two divisions; one a distribution company launched in 2015, the other, a manufacturing and licensed merchandise wing with product going to market in 2019.

We are Oceania’s exclusive distributor for several brands, with record sales as a result of our fierce product knowledge and commitment to our customers.

From the directors to the warehouse team we are all collectors. This is advantageous as not only is our product knowledge extraordinary, but also our goals are not orientated towards making the largest return on investment possible, but rather to build a community around the product.

We have an in-house graphic/sculpt design team that is innovative, creative and thrives on all things geeky. Our buying team is young and in touch with the newest trends and even the smallest niches in our market. As a whole “we take toys very seriously!

One of their first releases is this incredible BXJ statue:

Product details:
– 1:2 scale half-bust of Batman and The Joker standing approximately 42 cm tall.
– Made from high-quality polystone resin and hand painted.
– Officially licensed by DC Comics, Warner Bros.
– Batarang and Joker playing card at the base.
– Includes an acrylic display case adorning a BXJ logo on the back and a black coloured base.

Press Release: BXJ is a half-bust fusion of the iconic rivalry between Batman and The Joker. Each half is intricately detailed from the skin texture to the costuming, providing the highest quality design. Batman and Joker are violently stitched together in the middle, symbolizing their chaotic bond and inevitable attachment to each other. Despite the endless battle between Batman and The Joker, the two cannot live without each other and we wanted to create a statue that embodies this feud.

This statue would be such an incredible addition to any Batman fan’s collection, with a striking presence and originality that will pop amongst your other collectibles.

But that isn’t the only unique Batman related collectible on the way.

Geek X Jack-in-the-Box Toys!

The Harley Jack-in-the-box and Joker Jack-in-the-box from Geek X! Both of these are adorable. As many of you reading know, I love unique Harley items in my collection, and these are just perfect. I can’t wait to get one in my own collection. I’ll be sure to take loads of pictures and do a proper review of one once I have it.

Details from Geek X:

  • – Officially licensed by Warner Bros. and DC Comics
  • – 29cm tall when open
  • – High quality tin box with embossed details
  • – Puppet made from child friendly velvet blend
  • – Comes with 3 Sticker sheets, 77 stickers in total
  • – “Pre-order is opening soon, we will release information on where to get it and pricing on our social media in the coming weeks!”

You can find Geek X on the following social media platforms:


Instagram: @geek_x_ and the tag #geekx


I am honestly excited to see what else Geek X will be doing in the future. Go ahead and give them a follow yourself to see when preorders are announced for these and any future products!

A final note from Geek X:

One of our major aims is to bridge the gap between the Australian, US, Japanese and Chinese markets and to reduce the price points, making them more affordable and increasing both the satisfaction of current collectors, as well as opening the doors to new fans. We aim to bring to our Australian consumers some of the greatest and newest product that is currently unavailable in the Southern Hemisphere. This will propagate well for both the end consumer and the original licensor/manufacturer developing mutually beneficial relationships.

In terms of our own product, we aim to tell important stories with what we make and take the design of our own products seriously. We delve into more than the superficial design of the character, our concepts are unique and we all put everything we have into them. In earnest each piece has a piece of us. We aim to create the unimaginable, it is a mature synthesis of knowledge and love.

We are proudly your Geek X.”


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