Planning the Next Adventure

It’s been a rough time trying to plan out some farther from home adventures, a big part of it being the struggle with chronic illness and trying to function like normal. Hence why there wasn’t a trip to the Superman Celebration this year, and instead a trip to the hospital.

BUT! Fear not.

I’m planning a trip. A proper trip. Finally.

New Orleans, baby!

Now, I’ve been to New Orleans twice before, but never as properly as I’d like. The first time, I was sort of stuck all day in a marsh writing an extensive report about voodoo and hoodoo for my Comparative Religion course in college, with a few times I got to wander New Orleans briefly, and one full day I wandered alone once the French Quarter Festival was over.

The second time was botched thanks to a last minute change of plans from flying to New Orleans (when our flight was canceled at the airport), and became a sleep deprived road trip that started at 4pm, arriving around 4am, and losing like two days of exploring due to the newly needed travel days.

But this time, guys, I’m going to do it right. All the cemeteries and spooky goodness. Tours and food and wandering.

I cannot wait.

This plan came to be when it was tossed around with some friends – the same two that went to Planet Comicon with us a few months back. Obviously, it isn’t set in stone. We haven’t booked, etc. And we’re aiming for an event free time either January or February next year, because I can’t handle heat too well haha.

But, the planning stages can begin. Picking out cool places to see. Figuring out budgets. All that good. Plus, I’m going to gather plenty of movies/shows to watch beforehand, and a perfect playlist for the drive to get me in the mood.

I’ll share more details, playlists, watch material, etc closer to time, of course. But I figured it was a good time to share what I hope is my next bigger adventure.

Have you been to New Orleans? Or have any big upcoming trips? Let me know in the comments!


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