Batman: Curse of the White Knight Issue 1


It’s no secret: I was OBSESSED with Batman: White Knight. I wrote about how brilliant it was, which Sean Murphy was kind enough to share:

I’ll definitely be doing a more in depth look at the whole series once it’s finished, but for today, a quick and spoiler free review:

Batman: Curse of the White Knight had A LOT to live up to, for myself and fans everywhere. And based on this first issue, I know we’re about to get another amazing story.

Curse of the White Knight issue one hits that sweet spot between the familiarity of the story we loved, and the excitement of a fresh new tale. Sean Murphy is further proving himself as both a gifted writer and an incredibly talented artist. The amount of work and research put into this book is obvious, making both the writing intriguing and the art absolutely stunning. Like, seriously. Go look at how stunning the pages are.

It’s exciting to see a fresh take on Azrael, and I can’t wait to see how Murphy uses him in this series.

Plus, there’s the promise of more Harleen.

I highly recommend grabbing this first issue if you haven’t already, and if you haven’t read Batman: White Knight, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go grab the trade paperback or hardback now.

If you want to hear the exclusive podcast interviews with Sean Murphy, which are AMAZING, check out The Bat Force:

Check them out on iTunes, Spotify, or Sound Cloud.

Part one of the interview on Spotify.

Part two of the interview on Spotify.

Part one on Sound Cloud.

Part two on Sound Cloud.

And if you haven’t heard it, definitely look up there first interview with Sean Murphy. They’re all fantastic!

Let me know if you’ve read Batman: White Knight, or if you picked up the first issue of Curse of the White Knight!


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