Rocky Horror Picture Show Festival

I’ve had a love for the Rocky Horror Picture Show for longer than I can recall. There’s something about that movie that brings me joy and makes me think of good times with friends: either watching the movie together, or seeing it performed at our local college and everyone dressing up and having a blast. This movie is special to me.

Four years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Barry Bostwick (aka Brad Majors), and he was an ABSOLUTELY funny and sweet guy.

So imagine my joy, and a bit of surprise, when I learned we were having a local RHPS event, held at Alexander’s at the Factort in Farmington, MO?

Obviously, my best friend and I were completely on board for a night of Rocky Horror goodness, and luckily two other friends already had tickets, so we had a nice group together at a table.

I’m still a little shocked by how many people were there, and how comfortable I was to be among strangers.

When we got to our table, blag bags sat waiting for each of us.

Oh yes.

Audience participation.

I was so excited for the evenings events, I kept dancing in my seat and annoying my friends with my joy. But we were all pretty happy to be there.

The amount of people that came out in costumes was amazing! I was jealous I hadn’t dressed up further.

For the $20 fee, we were promised a night of fun events. Now, unfortunately some hiccups occurred and the Pin the Lips Contest didn’t happen – and that’s fine, things happen! But the rest of the schedule worked out.

I have the video of the nights events on YouTube, for anyone that may be interested.

But, moving on:

We were given one list, a set of rules, one hour, and three floors of the factory to search. I ran all over the place (literally), up and down stairs, laughing and having the best time with my group. We didn’t win (couldn’t find the magenta crayon. Very needle in the haystack scenario), but maaaan, did we have fun.

Later, after we learned the Time Warp, it was time for the Virgin Ritual before the film began. Again, this was filmed entirely in my video if you want to know just what that entails haha.

“You’re a hotdog” – free hotdogs were grabbed on our way out once the film was over.

But, was it worth the money?

100%, without a doubt. Yes.

Honestly, this was one of the most incredible, fun nights I’ve had in a long time. We danced, squirted each other with water guns, sent toast soaring through the air, and sang along with our favorite songs. I haven’t laughed and smiled so consistently in a long time. I was just happy. Happy to be among friends, making more memories to attach to a movie I loved so much.

Before we left, there was a promise that they’d do another event like that. And I really, really hope they do.

I’m ready to do the Time Warp, again.


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