Batman’s 80th Celebration at Six Flags St Louis

We started our day with food on the way to Six Flags for their celebration of 80 years of Batman. We stopped at a diner we love in Crystal City, MO called Gordon’s Stoplight Drive-in.

Then we made our way to Six Flags.

You can see our full adventure in my video.


We did our usual rides, specifically noteworthy was Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. I got probably the highest score on that ride that I’ve ever gotten. Good day, guys.

Six Flags was also offering themed foods for the day, so we tried those out as well.

First up, Batman themed Dippin Dots.

Then, next up, we tried the special funnel cake they offered:

Between the three of us, we still couldn’t finish it haha.

Then, of course, there’s the merchandise, which is always one of my favorite things about Six Flags.

While I didn’t bring home anything new on this trip, somebody else did:

We had a fantastic, Batman-filled day, overall.


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