Review: Modern Mythology

I was recently contacted to review Modern Mythology: The Hero’s Journey, a comic anthology retelling mythological stories, many reimagined in new, more modern ways. I was sent a digital copy for review, along with a press kit of images I can use for my review, and a link to their Kickstarter.

The creator and editor, Caleb Palmquist, really pulled together an amazing team of writers and artists to create something special with this book. Modern Mythology: The Hero’s Journey is a 160+ page softcover book with seventeen stories created by 29 talented individuals. In addition to all of this amazingness, there are also a collection of pin ups from other independent comic book artists.

I just finished reading Modern Mythology: The Hero’s Journey, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. I’ve always loved mythology in all forms since I was a little girl, and obviously – I love comics. So getting asked to read a book combining two of my loves into one medium made me pretty excited. As I started reading the first story, The Hunter and the Lion by Greg Anderson Elysee, David Brame, and Andworld Design, I knew I’d love reading this project.

Some of the stories are lighthearted, funny, and adventurous. Some pull on your heartstrings. Others have that nice twist of darkness that I always love in stories.

One of my favorites was Tristan, written and illustrated by Noah Mease. The visual storytelling was superb. So much was driven by art alone, you didn’t need much written text to read to understand what was happening and feel everything you’re meant to feel as a reader.

On the opposite spectrum of emotions, we have the lighthearted and funny take on Theseus, written by Russell Nohelty, illustrated by Nicolas Touris, and letters by Dave Lentz. The story was highly entertaining, while the art was engaging and beautiful, with a stunning use of colors in each page and panel.

There was a diverse range of artistic styles and storytelling between each story, letting each one shine on their own and be memorable to the reader. I could go on and on about each story, but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone else interested!

And as if this whole project already wasn’t cool enough, between each story is a “textbook” page, with background information on the cultures, history, etc from each myth they explore. So not only are you enjoying all of the art and stories, but you also have a fun way to expand your knowledge! Which is, personally, something I adore.

I definitely recommend this book if you love independent comics, or even just mythology. Please, check out the Kickstarter for Modern Mythology: The Hero’s Journey, and support this group of incredible creators! Definitely let me know if you decide to back this project!



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