Review: Mall #1

Written by Michael Moreci and Gary Dauberman

Drawn by Zak Hartong

Colored by Addison Duke

Lettered by Jim Campbell

Published by Vault Comics

Here in the heartland of the U.S. of A., the world has ended! But worry not, because the mall still stands. And within the walls of this consumeristic mecca lies a new world order: box store tribes and name brand gangs, all vying for limited space and resources. So, actually…you can worry! Especially for poor Andre Reed, who, after the assassination of a tribal leader, has to navigate the mad haven to prove his innocence, and prevent the end of world, again!

Mall issue one is an amazing ride. For a first issue, it’s very fast paced – in the best way – while getting you introduced to the characters and immersed into the environment.

The premise of the story is already fantastic – post-apocalyptic gangs living in a mall. The cast of characters we meet in this first issue alone is diverse, full of cool, and sometimes a little insane, inhabitants. We’re first introduced to our main character, Andre, in the middle of a very sticky situation that escalates quickly. Though we as readers are just introduced to Andre, we’re immediately on board for his story, quickly sympathizing with his situation and pulling us further into the story. He isn’t the only cool character we meet, but I’ll let you discover the others for yourself.

While I obviously loved the story itself, I’m definitely crazy about the art. Visually, this book is stunning. The combination of beautiful art by Zak Hartong, paired with the gorgeous coloring job by Addison Duke, makes Mall even more special. Even the lettering – by Jim Campbell – helps add to the overall theme and feel of this incredible first issue.

I can’t wait to read what happens next in Mall, and see where this talented team of creatives takes us.

Definitely go grab a copy of Mall while you can! I can see this selling out, for sure. And add it to your pull list!

Have you read Mall? Or will you be adding it to your pull list?


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