Review: Wendigo Wood

Wendigo Wood, issues one and two

Written and lettered by Joseph Oliveira

Art by Vukasin Ivkovic

Cover artist: Chris Shehan

Publisher: Afterlight Comics

A retired war veterans search for his missing daughter leads him to a forest home to the urban legend of the Wendigo.
The story follows protagonist Hank Williamson, having served in the Korean war many would think his experiences would haunt him. Yet on his return he finds himself at the centre of every parents worst nightmare, when he learns of the disappearance of his daughter. His search leads him to Wendigo Wood, home to the urban legend of The Wendigo.

I was recently sent the first two issues of Wendigo Wood by AfterLight Comics for review, and I was super excited for it. Folk horror is always a fun read for me, because I love monsters and lore.

Things go from eerie to intense pretty quickly in the first issue, and it’s pretty intense. Honestly, both issues had moments that put me on the edge of my seat. Especially in issue two, and you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to when you check it out.

The story is almost, at times, like reading someone’s nightmares. It reminds me in some ways, probably more in the style, and maybe a touch in a weapon used, of elements of The Walking Dead, with some elements of Supernatural – but yet, completely different than both. Darker.

Let’s just say, I’m going to have a harder time living in the woods and stepping outside at night, now.

Definitely check out Wendigo Wood and Afterlight comics. I saw they announced Joseph Oliveira will be launcing the Kickstarter for issue three on October 1st, which is VERY exciting news, since I’m interested to see where this story goes next.

Get caught up on Wendigo Wood here.

Will you be checking out Wendigo Wood? Or have you, already?


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